Do You Remember When

Every night on the way home, Tori LOVES to listen to music. I usually listen to talk radio and Tori does not like that at all from what I can tell. So, I plug in the iPod and let go with my favorite playlist. For me though, my favorite playlist consists mostly of songs from the 80’s. Fortunately Tori seems to love the 80’s. I wish that I could pop her down in front of the TV and let her see some of the classic videos from back then. A-Ha, Pat Benetar, the list goes on. MTV can’t be relied on for anything now. I remember actually watching videos not on MTV but late late night on Friday Night Videos. Anyone else remember this? I have mentioned this show to a few people and no one remembers. I am not THAT old am I?


I will have to look and see if maybe I can find it on Youtube or something.


2 Responses to “Do You Remember When”

  1. I’m very sorry to say this, but I’ve never heard of that show. =)

  2. Sybil Law Says:

    I remember!
    Besides – you can show all those videos to Tori thanks to Youtube!

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