Time For The Final Four

The next round of votes is in and it is time to vote on the final 4 in the Worst Song Ever bracket battle. Before we start the voting, let’s see where the brackets stand and who won round 2.

So, we are down to the wire on these. One of these last 4 will be voted the worst song ever. Since this is of course a very serious contest, I am going to refresh your memories of these songs so you know what they are and can vote in good conscience.

My Heart Will Go On

Run Joey Run


Havin’ My Baby


There they are. Watch, vomit, schedule therapy and then vote. Voting will be open though Saturday to a) coincide with that other final 4 and b) because Jackie is leaving me alone with Tori again for a few days.




Until next time … just vote for cryin’ out loud!


2 Responses to “Time For The Final Four”

  1. Sybil Law Says:

    WTF. That Run, Joey, Run song is fracking HORRIBLE.

  2. […] If you need to hear them again, go back a couple days and look HERE. […]

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