I Am A Pretty Big Geek

The Undertaker

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I am currently watching WWE Monday Night Raw. I have to admit that I am totally stoked about Wrestlemania this weekend. Undertaker vs. HHH. Here is how much of a dork I am. I know that The Undertaker is getting up there in years. He is not wrestling as much as he used to. He is more injury prone, and he is noticeably slower. On the other hand, HHH is poised to take over the company and lead it instead of daddy-in-law Vince McMahon.I have to go with the Undertaker though as I am a HUGE fan … not so much during the American Bad ass years but still.

I really don’t need to know all of those facts, I could just be content watching my male soap opera. I do know the back stories and spoilers and all that stuff though. I read insider websites, I pay attention to the real life stories of some of the wrestlers, yada yada. I also wish I would have paid attention so that I could have gotten tickets for tonight’s show. Yeah, it was in Chicago. It may have been the last chance I had to see Undertaker. I know, it is fake!

Until next time, remember … “REST IN PEACE”



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