Worst Song Ever – Elite Eight

The polls are closed and round one votes have been tabulated. A few surprises in the first round, and a few not so surprising results as well. Just like on American Idol, if your favorites didn’t make it, it means you didn’t vote enough times. Just like AI and the City of Chicago, you can vote as many times as you want.

Let’s see how the brackets are shaping up, shall we?


These are some bad songs and it is interesting to see what is going up against what in the second round. This should be interesting with some real good match-ups this round! So, let’s get the voting started!






For round 2 I am going to keep the voting open through Monday or Tuesday, depending on the number of votes, due to the fact that I know some people actually have lives and won’t be reading my blog on the weekend. Have fun, vote safely, and vote with your heart, not your head.


Until next time, remember … “The federal government has failed to act, … So it’s time that we do.”


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