Let The Voting Continue

Welcome back everyone to the second day of round 1 voting for the Worst Song Ever Written. If you are a first time visitor, or just haven’t been here in a while, here is what you are missing. I have developed brackets to vote for the worst song ever. Nominations were submitted and voting began yesterday for the first group of the first round. Voting on this first round will stay open until I have time to tabulate the votes, update the brackets, and set up the next round of voting. Probably around Thursday or Friday to give a full weekend for the next voting round. If you missed out on yesterdays voting click here. If you want to read the start of this little donnybrook, click here.

Let’s just push right on to today’s group to finish out the first round of voting, shall we?



Remember, vote early and vote often if you want your favorite to win (or lose depending how you look at it)

Until next time, also remember … “It’s your civic responsibility.”


One Response to “Let The Voting Continue”

  1. […] Don’t forget to get your votes in for the Worst Song Brackets. The first 2 groups for the first round will be up through tonight. I will be posting the updated bracket and next round of voting at some point tomorrow. Here is group one … here is group two. […]

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