I Claim This Mouth In The Name Of Incisor!


A lot of yelling at the Voices household tonight. Tori has started full on teething. They should be cutting through in the next week or so by the feel of them. While this is exciting for me and the wife, it is not pleasant at all for Tori. Hopefully we can get a few more nights of uninterrupted sleep before the pain is waking her up at night. Good thing we stocked up on children’s Tylenol before the FSA rules changed last year!


The nominations are in and I will be sending out the bracket and the first round of voting tomorrow at some time for the worst song ever. If you have a last minute nomination, feel free to send it along and I might be able to squeeze it in if I think it is better than my nominations.


One Response to “I Claim This Mouth In The Name Of Incisor!”

  1. Tori knows you karaoke the Corey Hart song and she’s already paying you back.
    Oh, and don’t bother with Orajel. I mean, it’s great – for a whole minute or so (which can actually be a relief). But frozen washcloths really do work.

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