Can I Out Twit Charlie Sheen?

Do I really want to? Not sure if I used that correctly. I think it might be “tweet” but I am not really out tweeting Charlie Sheen, I just want to get to more followers than Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen got 2 million in the short time he has been on Twitter. I have 12. I really don’t use Twitter all that much, but I think that the few things I have to say are far more interesting and less psychotic … ok … more interesting that what Charlie Sheen says most of the time. I have a “follow me” link in the right side bar. Perhaps with enough correct tagging, I can get 2 million followers in 2 weeks. If I get that many, I might actually have to tweet then, won’t I? I will have to come up with even more clever things than I do now.

Charlie Sheen is going to endorse products on his Twitter. I don’t think I would actually buy anything that is sold by someone that wants Charlie Sheen to endorse it. Are you tied of me saying Charlie Sheen yet? I read somewhere, I think it was about the content farms, that they get higher up in search results by saying the same phrases, like Charlie Sheen, as many times as they can in one post about Charlie Sheen. This may drop me to depths of google results that are even lower than Charlie Sheen after a bender, but, what the hell. Charlie Sheen.

I would be happy to endorse products like Charlie Sheen. Not the same products as Charlie Sheen though. I could endorse fun things like Warheads (the candy), or Sonic slushes, or Hot Dog Ritchie’s, or any number of other things I like. By the way, unlike Charlie Sheen, I am not being paid for the above mentions. I think I have to say that by law. Charlie Sheen doesn’t listen to things like the law.

If my Charlie Sheen twit off works, maybe I will do a web show like Charlie Sheen. I can rhyme poetry too.

So help me become a bigger twit than Charlie Sheen won’t you? I promise I will “bring it” and then instead of Charlie Sheen, it will be me who is “Duh, Winning!”

This message has been brought to you by the committee to make the voicesinmybrain bigger twits than the voices in the brain of Charlie Sheen. Any likeness to characters living or dead was probably done intentionally and without remorse. No tiger blood was spilled and no warlocks were harmed in the writing of this post. Charlie Sheen.


3 Responses to “Can I Out Twit Charlie Sheen?”

  1. You’ll have to engage in an equally large publicity stunt like he did too.

    I’m also pretty sure that the past tense of tweet is twhat. Yes, definitely start using that term.

  2. Charlie Sheen?!


  3. I want to endorse products too! I’ll be a whore! Sign me up!

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