Another ‘How To’ Moment

Once again it is time for a Voicesinmybrain ‘How To’. I still have to come up with a good title for this little segment so if anyone has any creative suggestions, feel free. presents (by popular request):

How To Use Your Turn Signal

Step 1 – lift your arm toward the steering column

Step 2 – Flick the turn signal up or down

Step 3 – Turn signal should turn off automatically after turn

Disclaimer: If you over 70 or talk on a cell phone, please turn your turn signal off manually by reversing the steps above. The steps listed above are for most cars. Some slight differences may be present. If you are a douche bag, just concentrate on USING your turn signal and not HOW you are using it.


One Response to “Another ‘How To’ Moment”

  1. Excellent!
    Title it, “Best Advice Ever”.

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