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You Gotta Know When To Fold ‘Em

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Greetings DNA impaired dwellers of Earth. It is I, Herman. My hairless Wampa apparently couldn’t handle even a shortened work week and passed out after he had too much iced tea to drink. It just goes to show the benefits of superior cloning technology. Since he was indisposed, and he put the example of inefficient reproduction into it’s nightly hibernation cycle, I decided that I would try my hand at an Earth custom you people call poker. Unfortunately I, along with my Imperial brethren had no idea how to play this game, I had to invite a rebel scum that I have dealt with, unsuccessfully I might add, to teach us this game.

The night started off well enough.


I was told this is a good hand


Soon enough the rebel scum showed his true colors and we were thinking we had been duped.


Something isn't quite right


It was clear that we were being taken advantage of. THIS movie was not going to end the same way.


Get him boys!


In the end, we “won” enough earth money to get our armor polished.


NEVER try to cheat the Empire





Tori’s First Blog

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Ok, so don’t tell my daddy I was on the computer. Since I am only 6 months old, I am not supposed to be on here, especially this late at night. I had to do it though because my daddy is trying to be the next voice of the Aflac duck, I decided I wanted to be one of those e-trade babies. He’s cute. I thought I would use my daddy’s blog to post the head shots that I took on his computer. If anyone out there works for e-trade, send them here so they can see how cute I am.

Here is the other one I took. They are a little blurry since I don’t really have good motor skills yet.

I know what you are thinking, if my motor skills can’t take a good picture, how can I type? Dragon Natural Speak.


Daddy’s coming … gotta go!

Time For The Final Four

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The next round of votes is in and it is time to vote on the final 4 in the Worst Song Ever bracket battle. Before we start the voting, let’s see where the brackets stand and who won round 2.

So, we are down to the wire on these. One of these last 4 will be voted the worst song ever. Since this is of course a very serious contest, I am going to refresh your memories of these songs so you know what they are and can vote in good conscience.

My Heart Will Go On

Run Joey Run


Havin’ My Baby


There they are. Watch, vomit, schedule therapy and then vote. Voting will be open though Saturday to a) coincide with that other final 4 and b) because Jackie is leaving me alone with Tori again for a few days.




Until next time … just vote for cryin’ out loud!

I Am A Pretty Big Geek

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The Undertaker

Image via Wikipedia

I am currently watching WWE Monday Night Raw. I have to admit that I am totally stoked about Wrestlemania this weekend. Undertaker vs. HHH. Here is how much of a dork I am. I know that The Undertaker is getting up there in years. He is not wrestling as much as he used to. He is more injury prone, and he is noticeably slower. On the other hand, HHH is poised to take over the company and lead it instead of daddy-in-law Vince McMahon.I have to go with the Undertaker though as I am a HUGE fan … not so much during the American Bad ass years but still.

I really don’t need to know all of those facts, I could just be content watching my male soap opera. I do know the back stories and spoilers and all that stuff though. I read insider websites, I pay attention to the real life stories of some of the wrestlers, yada yada. I also wish I would have paid attention so that I could have gotten tickets for tonight’s show. Yeah, it was in Chicago. It may have been the last chance I had to see Undertaker. I know, it is fake!

Until next time, remember … “REST IN PEACE”


Spring Has Sprung The Cleaning Bug

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The calendar says that it is spring. This means, that it is time once again for spring cleaning. For the last three years Jackie and I have said that we are going to get rid of a lot of our “stuff”. We have way too much “stuff”. We have considered having a garage sale, but I am opposed to that. The amount of money that you get from a garage sale isn’t really worth it when you consider all the work that you have to put into getting ready for it. Good will here we come.

I wish that I could say that it was the goodness in my heart that we are donating everything to Goodwill. If it were really a charitable and from the heart kind of thing, then I would be donating things that might actually be worth something. Then again, if I thought the things were actually worth anything, I would be sucking it up and having the garage sale to begin with. I don’t know if I feel bad donating what I obviously consider to be worthless crap for someone else to buy. I know that good will gets money from what they sell, so I guess if someone buys it then it is better than throwing it out. And I have to admit that I have bought a few things from Goodwill myself. They say that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure so I guess it all balances out.

The main thing is that we get rid of the things that we don’t need. I figure, if I haven’t touched, used or thought about something since we moved into the house, then it can go. Hopefully, we can empty out the one spare bedroom AND the basement enough that we can make usable spaces out of them. When we say spring cleaning this year, we mean that we are not just cleaning because it is spring, but we are going to be cleaning ALL spring. If anyone wants everything, feel free to stop by or go the the Goodwill in Carpentersville in about a month.

Don’t forget to vote in the worst song brackets. Hopefully I will be able to tally the votes tomorrow and post the final 4.


I Stood Up When I Should Have Ducked

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This is NOT easy. I have 8 or 9 different attempts so far at the duck audition video and I am not really 100% happy with any of them. Once Tori goes to sleep, so I don’t have her in the background, I will do a few other attempts. I wonder if I am maybe being a little too serious about this whole thing? Am I spending too much time trying to be a duck?


Don’t forget to vote for the worst song ever brackets! Round 2 is up and on my home page. Or, just click here.

Worst Song Ever – Elite Eight

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The polls are closed and round one votes have been tabulated. A few surprises in the first round, and a few not so surprising results as well. Just like on American Idol, if your favorites didn’t make it, it means you didn’t vote enough times. Just like AI and the City of Chicago, you can vote as many times as you want.

Let’s see how the brackets are shaping up, shall we?


These are some bad songs and it is interesting to see what is going up against what in the second round. This should be interesting with some real good match-ups this round! So, let’s get the voting started!






For round 2 I am going to keep the voting open through Monday or Tuesday, depending on the number of votes, due to the fact that I know some people actually have lives and won’t be reading my blog on the weekend. Have fun, vote safely, and vote with your heart, not your head.


Until next time, remember … “The federal government has failed to act, … So it’s time that we do.”

If I Walk Like A Duck, And I Talk Like A Duck …

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Be The Duck

Then one would assume, by the sheer fact of how that saying goes, that I could, and SHOULD be a duck. This is what I am hoping for. Yes, I am sending in an audition video to be the next AFLAC duck voice. I have not made my video yet. I am still trying a number of different avenues as to how to do the voice. I said it earlier, it is not as easy as one would think to find your inner duck.

I am hoping that the other million people that will be trying for this, rushed and sent in really bad videos and gave no thought to it at all. By waiting, preparing and really going at this, I am hoping to stand out among the masses. Hoping to “fly” above the rest if you will. Time will tell, and it should be a short time at that. I read somewhere they were going to try to make a decision by the end of April. If nothing else, maybe I will be seen by the agency and it will lead to something else?

Don’t forget to get your votes in for the Worst Song Brackets. The first 2 groups for the first round will be up through tonight. I will be posting the updated bracket and next round of voting at some point tomorrow. Here is group one … here is group two.

Have fun!


Until next time, remember … “On my planet, we don’t say die, we say… HEY! NOT MY SHORTS!”

We Have Our First Winner!

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I guess “Winner” is kind of cold but, Odie is the first one to have a prediction on the Voicesinmybrain death watch list kick off. As sad as it is, remember, this is a bit of levity and I really do feel sorry and send my condolences to the families of our dead celebs.

Odie picked Liz Taylor way back in January and Liz has passed on. Congrats? Odie on having the first successful pick on the list.

White Diamonds for everyone!

Let The Voting Continue

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Welcome back everyone to the second day of round 1 voting for the Worst Song Ever Written. If you are a first time visitor, or just haven’t been here in a while, here is what you are missing. I have developed brackets to vote for the worst song ever. Nominations were submitted and voting began yesterday for the first group of the first round. Voting on this first round will stay open until I have time to tabulate the votes, update the brackets, and set up the next round of voting. Probably around Thursday or Friday to give a full weekend for the next voting round. If you missed out on yesterdays voting click here. If you want to read the start of this little donnybrook, click here.

Let’s just push right on to today’s group to finish out the first round of voting, shall we?



Remember, vote early and vote often if you want your favorite to win (or lose depending how you look at it)

Until next time, also remember … “It’s your civic responsibility.”

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