Hey Hey Holy Mackeral

Chicago Cubs Cap Insignia

THIS is the year!


The Cubs play their first spring training game tomorrow. That is a sure sign of spring. That means the weather will be getting warmer, the snow will be melting, and the dog will be coming in a whole lot muddier than she has all winter. I really need to get that back yard fixed up a little better.

Anyhoo, the other thing that baseball spring training coincides with is spring cleaning. That dreaded time of year when you tell yourself that THIS is the year that you are going to get rid of all that crap that is in your basement, attic and spare rooms that you have been holding onto for years and you don’t know why. I have told myself this for the last 3 years.

This year WILL be different however. Now that Tori is here, we need to free up some of that “extra space” we used to have and get rid of a lot of stuff that we just don’t need anymore. I don’t even know what is in most of the boxes and should really just toss things a box at a time without looking inside. If I haven’t missed it for the last 4 years, then I doubt that I will miss it the next 40.

I have toyed with the idea of having a garage sale but decide it wasn’t worth it. By the time you take off of work, spend time marking everything, sitting around waiting for people and then you count up the money … it is just as worth it to drop everything thing off at good will. All you have to do is put the box in your trunk, drop it off at good will and they will even take it out of your trunk. It really isn’t about the money … it is about getting rid of everything. You can even deduct it from your taxes the following year.

Tomorrow, I will drop the dog off at the groomers, come home and turn on the Cubs game and head down to the basement to get rid of some junk.

Until next time, remember … “We could have a little pork and beans now and a little zucchini later. Or a little zucchini now and a little pork and beans later. Or if you like the pork and beans, you can have them and I’ll take the zucchini or I can take the pork and beans and you the zucchini so what will it be? Zucchini or pork and beans?”


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