And Now, Yet Another Word From Yet Another Sponsor

Friends, are you tired of those embarrassing stains on your clothing? Are you ashamed to show your face in public because your hair is too thin? Do you avoid having visitors to your home because the paint on your walls has faded from years of neglect? Well, we can’t hep you with any of that.

What we CAN offer is a brand new product that will relieve stress, increase libido and cure Bieber fever. After years of clinical trials in Europe, Asia and extreme testing on the remaining Jackson brothers, we can now offer this unique product to those of you here in the states.

For the low price of $5 (plus $47 shipping and handling) we can send you this miracle cure. Just use it once, on yourself or any family member and you will see immediate improvement.

BUT WAIT!! If you call within the next 10 seconds, we will double your offer, simply pay triple shipping and handling.

We guarantee that you will be pleased with this product or someone will buy it off of you at your next garage sale.

Don’t forget … CALL NOW!


2 Responses to “And Now, Yet Another Word From Yet Another Sponsor”

  1. But the line is busy!!!!!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Justin Bieber feed, Bob Richardson. Bob Richardson said: And Now, Yet Another Word From Yet Another Sponsor […]

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