I Wish I Could Forget

Everyone has at least one thing in their life they wish they could change or take back, something that they wish they had never done, something that they regret. For most people it is a person they went out with that they shouldn’t have, something they said to a boss that they shouldn’t have, a movie they made while in college because they needed the money and they were told that it will only be used for educational purposes in Europe, etc. etc. I have all … some of these. That isn’t what I wish I could forget though. My ultimate take-back would be a certain Friday night, years ago, at karaoke.

It wasn’t a dark stormy night, in fact I think it was a holiday … I can’t remember. Some of the things of the night I think I am repressing. What I do remember is this … <cue wavy memory lines>

We were all having fun. We were all singing. We were happy. Then my friend who was running the show, challenged karaoke roulette. This is where she chooses what you will sing. It is usually a song that you will not know. I had participated in this before and survived just fine. This night however was different.

I heard my name called, I stepped up to the mic, I started singing. I didn’t know the song from the title, but as the words come up on the screen, I went for it. Today it is all a blur. There was some lyric in the song somewhere that just shocked me and made me feel dirty. I froze. I felt ill. I felt violated.

I don’t remember what the song was. Everyone keeps telling it was one song. I don’t think it was. I remember singing something that made me feel the need to shower after I sang it. I think maybe they TOLD me it was a certain song, but put something else on. One day I will find out what I really sang.

Until next time remember … “I don’t know what you’ve been told, It ain’t the butterfly it’s the tootsie roll’


2 Responses to “I Wish I Could Forget”

  1. Hahahaha
    I had to google your last sentence- is that the song?! I do not know it, but it kinda seems familiar.

    • They CLAIM that is the song they had me singing. However, I don’t think it was the same one. I was duped, I am convinced of it.

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