Still Plugging Along

I knew that this post a day thing was going to be brutal. It is much harder than I thought though. I figured I could come up with something the slightest bit amusing every day. It isn’t that easy. Fortunately, on days like these when I am feeling blah, (and there are a lot of those lately) I have my daughter Tori to provide plenty of things to pop up here for a quick post.

For instance, Tori started eating solid food. Last night was the first night we gave her rice cereal. We taped it because well … that is what geeky parents do. That and my wife told me to. Again, I don’t want to pay for video on this free blog so here is the link to see Tori eating “solid” food for the first time. Enjoy!



Yeah, that’s all. You can go home now. There aren’t going to be any bloopers or out takes.



One Response to “Still Plugging Along”

  1. Awwww.
    This is an excellent post!

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