Super Bust XLV

The Packers won. I am not pleased about this because I do not like the Packers. Nothing I can do about it though. It was a good game I guess. It was close-ish. Of course everyone has weighed in on all of the craziness of the game and the “entertainment”. I actually feel that the Super Bowl is more about the entertainment and commercialism than it is about the game itself. I know, “DUH!” right? For those of you that either a) live under a rock and didn’t know the game was on, or b) really didn’t pay attention, or c) want to see how much I actually pay attention, here are my observations of the game yesterday.

– Christina Arugala blew it. Of course we all know that by now. She also got a call from Cindy Lauper, she wants her look back.

– The Glee girl, didn’t forget any words to her song because it was lip synced

– I think Ben Roethlisberger was wearing a bullet proof vest under his uniform. I wouldn’t blame him.

– The commercials were very underwelming.

– I did like the flower commercial with Faith Hill and the guy that likes his girlfriends rack. That was funny. I used it. It worked.

– Justin Beiber looking old and saying the young him looked like a girl, amusing but he still is annoying.

– Some cool movies coming out.

– Half time show sucked BIG TIME! Enough said.

– Worst commercial … the old people in the nursing home.

– Best commercial … there really wasn’t one but the afore mentioned flower one and the dogs being party servers was amusing to me.

– The commentators sucked. That may be personal. For some reason I just really don’t like Joe Buck. I look at him as the sports version of Ryan Seacrest.

– I take it back, the Darth Vader kid was kinda funny. Not as good as everyone is making it out to be but … what do I know.

– Roger Staubach obviously didn’t want to be there. It could be heard “let me do this so I can get out of here”.

– I lied again. I of course liked the e-trade baby.

I obviously wasn’t all that impressed with the event in general. I think it is just the malaise I am feeling in the creativity zone lately. Anything actually entertain anyone during the game? Fortunately for me I had my baby sleeping on me so that was pretty cool.

Until next time, I have no quote … how sad.


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