The Tax Man Cometh

Decided to do our taxes today. We had figured that were were going to get a nice sized return this year because of Tori. Last year we owed a bunch of money because I was contracting and neglecting to pay my estimated taxes. I kinda did the same thing this year. The first 3 months of the year I was freelancing. My fault. Only a small refund this year, but at least we are getting one. We are getting a whopping $3 from the state. Pretty depressing since we were expecting more. Oh well, at least we spent the money when we had it and we don’t owe. Tori did help us with that at least.

Yeah, pretty short post today. Just kinda wanted to mildly vent about that. Plus, I am kinda tired today and not really feeling it. Tomorrow is that football game. I am going to be grocery shopping again I think.


One Response to “The Tax Man Cometh”

  1. Taxes. UGH.
    Hope you got some rest and have a great day today!

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