I’m Starting To Get Boring

As you can tell, I am pretty tired from the last week. Between the baby, the dog, the viral and what not, when Jackie got home last night, I just crashed. Today was a little more productive. Fixed the snow blower, finally cleared the driveway and got the Christmas tree taken down. Fortunately, because of the clean driveway, I didn’t have to cook and ordered some delivery.

I also realized over the last few days that I need to make some more videos that I have to post with more voices. This is shaping up to be harder than I thought.

Tomorrow, we are planning on taking Tori with us out to breakfast for the first time. We really haven’t taken her out as I was afraid of being “that” parent. Now that she is on Zantac and seems to be a little better, I think I can risk it. We are going to try the whole breakfast and then running errands all with the baby. We haven’t done that for a while so we will see how it goes.

Well, I know this wasn’t really funny or all that interesting tonight but as I said, I am really beat. Hopefully soon I will be getting back on track with some humor and amusement.





One Response to “I’m Starting To Get Boring”

  1. Not boring! Besides – we’re all boring from time to time – it’s the downtime between catastrophes and good things. Good times. 🙂

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