It Tastes Good, And Is Good For You Too!

The above statement is VERY subjective when it comes to today’s post. What is something that supposedly tastes good and is healthy yet some people are repulsed by it? Why Taco Bell of course. By now I am sure you have heard that Taco bell is being sued because their beef isn’t beef enough to be called beef. So, I haven’t been ordering beef tacos, burritos and enchiritos all these years? Yeah, I have, but what I have been getting is even better than I thought!

Some of you may remember that a while back I wrote about the new, at the time, Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet. It supposedly featured a woman who lost weight from eating Taco Bell Fresco Menu instead of the regular stuff. It turns out, that you could get some good stuff from eating Taco Bell’s mystery meat as well. “How?” you ponder.

It turns out that the “beef” being used by TB … maybe I shouldn’t call them TB … by Taco Bell is chock full of soy product and some sort of oats and other vegetable by products. Who would have ever thought that you could get a full serving of vegetables in every serving! But shhhhh….don’t tell the kids! Not only do you get vegetable goodness, but with the added oats, you get the whole grain goodness of fiber! (and you thought the only reason you had to run to the bathroom after eating it was because of the grease) Everyone knows that fiber is essential to weight loss and the folks over at Taco Bell have added to the effectiveness of their “Drive-thru diet” by adding fiber!

Really though, I go to Taco bell because I like it. I am sick I know. Don’t worry,  I do NOT consider Taco Bell to be good Mexican food. Actually, I do not consider Taco Bell to be Mexican food at all other than the names of the items on their menu. I DO find it hilarious though that there are people out there that have absolutely NOTHING better to do than to sue a fast food place for not having enough beef in their beef. It is FAST FOOD. It is CHEAP! That is why the “beef” options are cheaper than the chicken of the steak. The same people who are complaining about the beef will then say that it is too expensive now. These people’s time would be far better spent spending the money they waste in legal fees on helping the homeless or having their high and mighty attitudes fixed. I know I am all of a sudden on a soap box but come on. These are the same people that got Road Runner to stop showing violence and warning labels put on bags of peanuts that say “this product contains peanuts”. And everyone wonders why everything costs so much. It all comes down to people being too lazy to live their own lives and too damn lazy to raise their own children and too stupid to be responsible for their own actions. You don’t like the “beef” at Taco Bell … then go to Wendy’s! Don’t screw with my oat and soy burrito!

Wow, I kinda got all worked up on that one. Sorry about that, I just am really getting peeved at the human race lately.

I am going to eat at Taco Bell and every other fast food place I want to whether they have beef, “beef” or rat burgers. Well maybe not rat burgers, but you get my point.

AMERICA!!! Stop wasting people time and money and just avoid something if you don’t like it. If it is that bad and enough people avoid it, they will change and you will win. This really ended up 180˚ from where I had started but that is my brain on Taco Bell.

Night one with Tori went … ok I guess. She went to sleep just fine at 9:15 ish. Out like a light. At 11:30 or so she decided to “talk” to the ghost that apparently occupied her bedroom. Every 20 min she decided to do this until she got bored at 3:30 a.m. Yeah, I overslept a little. And I am WAYYYY tired today. Hopefully tonight will be better. Only 2 more nights on my own to go.

Until next time, remember … “my last job was at a Taco Bell Express. But then it became a full-time Taco Bell and… I donno. I couldn’t keep up.”


One Response to “It Tastes Good, And Is Good For You Too!”

  1. Ugh- The Taco Bell story.
    I hate people.
    Clearly, no one thought it was health food to begin with, but you’re right – it seems healthier NOW, knowing what’s in it! That was my thought when I heard the story this morning. I’m probably more likely to eat it now, actually, than I was before. But really – fast food has been skeeving me out, big time, lately. I’ve avoided it.

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