Back To Normal … Sort Of

Well, the Bears lost. No I am not happy about it really. I wish they would have won, gone to the super bowl, and won. It would be good for the city. I AM however glad that it is over and every single news story and news article will NOT be about the bears and the super bowl. I DO regret that they lost because now all the Packer fans will be riding the Bears fans about how they are better and yada yada yada.

I wasn’t planning on watching the game. In fact, I wasn’t watching the game until Jackie got out of the shower and made me turn it on. While my insights on football are far from expert, here are some things I noticed during the game.

1.     The Bears kind of sucked

2.     The Bears went through almost as many quarterbacks as the Cubs go through relief pitchers.

3.     The Fox announcers seemed to be Packer fans.

4.     Budweiser already started their Super Bowl ads with a “to be continued”

5.     The Bears kind of sucked.

6.     Joe Buck is about looks to be about the same size as Ryan Seacrest

7.     Green Bay can even score with a 400 lb player.

8.     I thought the fat guy’s dance was hillarious

9.     The Bears REALLY suck.


I am glad I did not invest my life blood into rooting for the Bears this past week. Oh well it is done, it is over, Packer fans leave me alone, I did not make fun of you this week. Bears fans who were criticizing me for no spirit … told you so?

I have 2 days left until I am left alone with Tori for 4 days. Jackie is going to be gone Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. She is going to San Antonio and is leaving Tori AND Piper alone with me for 3 nights. While Tori will be at Grandma’s during the day, she still is going to be alone with me all night. I will have to adjust to a few things like getting ready in the morning, and feeding, both her and me. It will be interesting but I survived 2 weekends ago so I should be ok.

Well that is about it for today. Had to get it out there. Some of you will be relieved that this week my posts may be VERY short since I am the only one with Tori this week. There will be something every day but I want to apologize now for the quality that will be lacking this week.


One Response to “Back To Normal … Sort Of”

  1. Aw you teddy bear you! Apologising for quality! Great post by the way, nice read. Very straight up you. You’re an engaging personality. I don’t even know what American Football is, and there I am, scrolling patiently…tittering even, on occasion!

    Your little one’s Tori then huh? Mines Gloria. And not so little. 20 and first year law. I know, I’m bragging! I so get my Grandma sometimes these days!

    As for how it came to be…..!

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