They’re Coming To Take Me Away

Dead birds. Dead fish. Dead cows. Lately we have seen a number of mass die offs. Unfortunately, they have been relegated to the animal world and have not included the Westboro Baptist Church. Theologians are coming out of the woodwork claiming that these are signs of the impending “end of days.” By the pure fact that the Westboro folks are still around convinces me otherwise. I have a different theory that I have mentioned before, maybe even in this blog. (Yes, you may get a few repeat topics as I am doing this post a day thing and losing my mind)

I like to think, and firmly believe, that the cause of the mass animal die offs are because of UFOs. That’s right. Unidentified Flying Objects, Aliens, extra terrestrials. I know that they are capable of this. Their ships are advanced enough to have some sort of super propulsion that can kill these poor creatures just by flying past them. They also can beam up large flocks, schools and herds of various critters right into their ships and experiment on them, travel back in time to the exact point they took them, and dump the carcasses to leave us wondering what the heck happened. They know, from years of observation, that we will question too much if they take humans. They have tried it before and we always notice human abductions. The government tries to pass these people off as whack jobs, but we know.

Our New Leaders

The day is coming soon when the alien visitors will make contact with us. I am hoping they are nice. I am hoping they are coming to help us solve pollution, save the ice caps and help us to be better toward each other. In reality though I think they are going to want to use us as food. I mean, look at us … especially here in the U.S., each one of us could probably feed an alien family of 4 for a week if not more … they don’t even have to “super-size” us!

I want to be among the first to welcome our alien overlords. As in the original “V” (since I haven’t seen the new iteration), I will be a friend of the aliens so that I may be one of the last to be consumed. I will do your bidding and turn in anyone I know of trying to undermine our new masters.

Of course there is one other explanation for all of this as well. It is a coincidence and mother nature is just screwing with us.

That’s it for today folks. Until next time, break out your tin foil tuques and remember … “We could be pets, we could be food, but all we really are is livestock.”


4 Responses to “They’re Coming To Take Me Away”

  1. I could feed people for 2 weeks, tops.
    But I’m mean and a great shot- they can use me, somehow.
    I wonder if they’re really into all that probing? Hmmm….

    • I refuse to admit whether or not I know that probing is, in deed, true or not. I don’t really remember all that much of my abd…never mind. I have said too much already. They WILL know if I talk!

  2. Haha! Great post, thanks. By the way, the new V is rubbish.

    • I will make a point NOT to watch the new V then. I am trying to talk my wife into letting me buy the original … she just doesn’t know it yet.

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