I’m Taking The Plunge

I mentioned the other day that WordPress is doing 2 campaigns this year, post a week and post a day. They are self explanatory. I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with such a rigorous schedule based on my last failed attempt to post only 3 times a week. Well, so far I have posted every day this year except the 1st so I think I want to attempt this. So here I am officially declaring that I am going to participate in the post a day campaign.

What does this mean for you, the faithful reader of VIMB? Pretty much it means nothing. You can choose to read everyday or you can choose not to. It is up to you. This IS a warning however for those of you that subscribe and get emails. This means you will be getting something every day. I will not feel bad if you un-subscribe for the time being. Of course I hope you don’t. I hope I get more subscriptions. I did however just want to give you all the heads up so you aren’t cursing me out by the end of the month.

Why am I doing this? I am not really sure. It seems kind of sadistic even to me and I am the one doing it. I want a challenge. I want that sense of accomplishment for sticking to my guns. I thought about doing a photo365 challenge but then I realized I am not that great at taking pictures and it would probably be 365 pics of Tori. Not only that, but I think I am a little too lazy to upload and tag pics every day. Anyhoo, this is what I am doing so there. Like I said, just wanted to give everyone fair warning. Plus, by doing this announcement, it takes care of my daily post. A cop out I am aware, but I am just soooo un-motivated today.

Well, that is all for today. Another boring day, unless something happens between now (lunch time) and the end of the day. For now I need to cut this short and go and buy a brake light bulb for Jackie’s car. Maybe something exciting will happen the rest of my lunch hour!

P.S. Nothing exciting happened except the guy at AutoZone trying to up-sell me a bunch of stuff I didn’t need.


Until next time, remember … again, no good quote. This is going to be a long year.


One Response to “I’m Taking The Plunge”

  1. You know, today was pretty boring for me, too. Kinda nice.

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