Celebrity Death Watch 2011: The Dead Pool

What a cheerful way to start 2011 isn’t it? No fancy title needed for this post. It is what it is. Following up to last years wildly successful “Celebrity Death Watch 2010” we here at VIMB bring you “Celebrity Death Watch 2011: The Dead Pool”. I think that I might be stealing that name from somewhere because I don’t think that I can come up with something that simple that easily. ANYHOO … I am expecting some good guesses this year. I want some outlandish guesses this year. I want SOMEONE on this year’s list to actually die this year…well, not that I WANT people to die but I think we need some better guesses. Last year I had to do 2 lists because I was called out that I was not creative enough. This year, I am going to start off with the “obvious” choices, consisting of a list of celebs that if they DON’T shuffle off this mortal coil this year, then miracles truly do exist. Then I will list my guesses for this year. I am not going to list Abe Vigoda because he is just a perennial now and will be on my list until he actually does die. Sort of like me predicting the Cubs to win the World Series every year…someday it will happen.

And away we go!

Obvious choices for 2011

1.    Zsa Zsa Gabor – 2nd year in a row on the list but I think this may be the year. With today’s news of losing part of her leg, and just all the other health probs, she won’t be long for this world.

2.     Fidel Castro – He has GOT to be pushing the limit of what is reasonable for life. Plus, he just needs to go.

3.     Jack Klugman – Yup, digging into the “they are still alive?” files, I am placing Quincy/Oscar Madison on the list of those to leave us.

4.     Olivia De Havilland – Would be sad to lose her but, she is 95. She may be a safe bet.

5.     Al Molinaro – Who? Al from Happy Days and the “Encore Dinner my family will be over at 6” guy. Yeah, he is still alive too but pushing 93.

6.     Pierre Cardin – Haven’t had a designer die in a while. Need to shake up the industry.

7.     Michael Douglas – I know, I really want to put him on the “stretch” list, but with the cancer and all…I’m just sayin’.

Sherman T. Potter

8.     Harry Morgan– Good ole Sherman Potter is still puttering around but he is 96! He is definitely making the list!

9.     Eli Wallach – Another recycle from last year but COME ON!

10.  Patty Andrews – This would be a sad one, at 93 I am going to put the last surviving

Andrews Sister on here.

The fun guesses (can fun really be applied to a death list?)

1.     Dick Cheney – It will be a “hunting accident”. Yeah, I brought that up again.

2.     Bindi the Jungle Girl – I am going to get hate mail but, I think she is going to follow a little too closely in daddy’s footsteps and make a major mistake with a deadly animal.

3.     Kathy Lee Gifford – A drunken rampage by Hoda Kotb in the middle of the 4th hour will end with Kathie Lee being thrown through the window and a large shard of glass will sever a major artery on air live. Joel McHale will be vindicated.

4.     Justin Bieber – He will be in a car accident with Taylor Swift and both will parish. Why? Because I am sick of both of them so there.

5.     Randy Quaid – The “Star Whackers” finally get him. Or he freezes to death while living in a cardboard box under an overpass, essentially the same thing.

6.     Macauly Culkin – He tried to re-enact his “glory” days now that he is single again and needs money and falls victim to his own household traps.

7.     Snooki – Really? Do you have to ask why?

8.     Charlie Sheen – Gets rolled by a hooker.

9.     Jeremy London – While in rehab, he is forced to do botox by Janice Dickinson. Unfortunately, the only botulism available is from an old can of tuna.

10.  Grant Goodeve – I have no basis for this, I just needed a number 10. Props to the first one who knows who this even is without looking.

That are my guesses for this year. Get those predictions in boys and girls and leave a comment with your guesses. Once again, if anyone actually predicts a celeb death, I will come up with some kind of prize.

Until next time, remember … “I’m not sure what lobsters eat, but I think they eat like insects or something… so I was gonna feed them worms.”


9 Responses to “Celebrity Death Watch 2011: The Dead Pool”

  1. I totally stole a couple of these. I’m in some pool and I had to!! Haha
    Excellent guesses, though. 😀

    • Feel free to steal at will. I feel plagiarism is a form of flattery. As long as I am not getting in trouble for doing it myself 🙂

  2. Grant Goodeve was the oldest son in ‘Eight is Enough’. David? I think. You’ve got some good choices this year. I predict you’ll score at least one.
    My picks for 2011:
    1. Elizabeth Taylor. No idea why, but I recently saw a picture of her, and didn’t think she looked too good.
    2. Dick Clark. I know he’s got more plastic in him than a box of legos, but I think his time has come.
    3. Jerry Lewis. The telethon won’t be quite the same.
    4. Fyvush Finkel. I love the name.
    5. Don Shula. I needed a sports name.
    6. LeBron James. He thinks too much of himself.
    7. Mick Jagger. Rock and Roll’s been hard on him.
    8. McKenzie Phillips. Life’s been hard on her.
    9. Mary Kate Olsen. Ditto.
    10. Lindsay Lohan. She’s my Chicago Cubs.

    • David Bradford is correct! Very good picks. I particularly like #4. I agree it is very fun to say “Fyvush Finkel”. He as well comes out of the “he is still alive?” category for me. Good luck on your guesses and since you are the only one with predictions so far, you may just win the never coveted Urn of Distinction this year. Hmmm…I really should come up with an actual trophy r something.

  3. Q101 did their death watch this morning and the our-there vote was Tom Cruise. Pretty nice.

    As for Culkin, considering he was just dumped by Mika Kunis, I can definitely see it.

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  6. Samantha Says:

    I agree with Zsa Zsa Gabor. This is definitely the year.

    Harry Morgan – the MASH star is definitely somwhere in his 90’s. Surprised he made it this far!

    Nelson Mandela

    Kirk Douglas – How in the he double hockey sticks is this man still alive???

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