Surely It’s Sad … And Don’t Call Me Shirley

It’s the first of the month and with that headline, I am sure you know where this is going. Yup, it is the November edition

I AM serious ... and stop calling me Shirley.

of the “Celebrity Death Watch”. The end of the year is coming soon. Since this is one of the only things I have been consistent with this year on my blog. Someone is going to win a few dollars I think this year. Anyway, grab your stuffed beaver, cuddle up with your Tauntaun and read on to find out who died last month.


Monica Johnson – 54 – Author Lost in America – Nov. 1

Charlie O’Donnell – 78 – Announcer Wheel of Fortune – Nov. 1

Shannon Tavarez – 11 – Actress The Lion King – Nov. 1

Midge the Sea Lion – 25 – Oklahoma City Zoo Sea Lion – Nov. 5

Jill Clayburge – 66 – Actress – Nov. 5

Quintin Dailey – 49 – Basketball Player Chicago Bulls – Nov. 8

Dino De Laurentiis – 91 – Film Producer – Nov. 10

William Self – 89 – Actor/Producer/Production Manager Batman, Lost in Space – Nov. 15

Ronni Chasen – 64 – Publicist – Nov. 16

Little Smokey Smothers – 71 – Blues Guitarist/Singer – Nov. 20

Prince Chunk – 10 – Overweight Cat – Nov. 21

Irvin Kershner – 87 – Director Empire Strikes Back – Nov. 27

Leslie Nielsen – 84 – Actor – Nov. 28

Alfred Masini – 80 – TV Producer, creator of ET, Solid Gold and Star Search – Nov. 29



That’s it for now. A lot of big losses last month (not including the cat). Until next time, remember … “A parachute not opening… that’s a way to die. Getting caught in the gears of a combine… having your nuts bit off by a Laplander, that’s the way I wanna go!”


4 Responses to “Surely It’s Sad … And Don’t Call Me Shirley”

  1. You had me a little freaked out. A friend from our gym was Monica Johnson, but she was a power lifter and personal trainer, not an author, so I think we’re pretty safe.

    BTW, your blog has dandruff.

    • Yeah, that would freak me out a bit. Sorry for that. As for the dandruff, something that WordPress just added. I want to turn it off but have yet to find the option. I am sure it is cleverly concealed in the open somewhere.

  2. What? What dandruff?

    Poor Prince Chunk.
    And the others, of course.

    • I have put the dandruff back so Kapgar’s comment doesn’t look weird. At least I know how to turn it on and off now.

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