BOO! Hahaha. I sure did scare you! Actually, the site of another post of mine showing up in your email, facebook wall or wherever else you find out about my blog is probably scary enough. Anyhoo, a quick one today. As promised, I am listing my favorite “horror humor” movies. These are horror films that I like which were amusing intentionally or unintentionally. Now, some, maybe not the WHOLE movie is funny … but there are humorous parts. Let me know of some other funny horror flicks I need to remember.


Student Bodies – Gonna kill the kid with the gum

House – Greatest American Hero and Norm chasing ghosts….classic

American Werewolf in London – Come on, the dead friend was funny!

Saturday the 14th – One of the earlier spoof horror flicks. Plus, I just find Jeffrey Tambor funny.

Creepshow – Horror with sever tongue in cheek.

Creepshow 2 – Not as good as the first but still worth watching

Elvira Mistress of the Dark – Favorite dialog after Elvira gets hit in the head with a theater marquee letter “How’s your head?” Elvira: “never had any complaints”

Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood – Dennis Miller in a horror film…right there you can’t take it seriously.

Young Frankenstein – Probably my favorite. “putting on the ritz!”

Scary Movie Franchise – Hit and miss but there are always at least a few good scenes in them.

Evil Dead Movies – I know they were in last year’s list of fav all time but it bears repeating.


There you have it. Once again, not an all inclusive list but a good start for any humor horror Halloween. As always, let me know some others you may know of so I can add to my own list.


Have a frightful Halloween and until next time, remember … “Dead men tell no tales, but they fart.”



  1. Happy Halloween!!!

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