As Soon As It Starts, It’s Over For Some

I am taking about the new fall TV schedule. Admittedly, I have been as much of a slacker trying to watch some of the new and old premiers as I have been of writing lately but … such is life when you are preparing for the arrival of a new one. (yeah, I have no shame using the soon to be baby as an excuse)

I was going to actually write this yesterday but circumstances prevented to, we get a nice Entertainment Wednesday. No tech other than I watched most of these on DVR.

I don’t watch all the shows and there are some I have never watched so I don’t watch the new season and you probably don’t care. However, here is my take on what has started so far. There is no particular order in these other than it is how they pop into my mind and I remember them. Also, I am not going to say when they are on because I DVR most shows and can’t remember. I might get the network right if I am lucky.

Lonestar – Fox – We watched the first episode of this show last week. It is about a father and son con-man team. The son is the best there ever was, he has a wife, a girlfriend, is trying to bilk a major corporation … yada yada. I was “meh” about this as we watched the first episode. Jackie and I both wondered how they would make an entire series out of the premise they started. We have yet to watch the second episode from this week, and wondering if we should even bother since it was canceled yesterday. Guess there were a lot of people that thought the same as we did.

Hell’s Kitchen – Fox – It was good to see Gordon Ramsey back to his acerbic self after watching him be a nice guy during Master Chef. Although I think that the censor button is going to get a major workout this season. I think that the producers this year have borrowed the casting directors from American Idol audition week. There have always been a number of “chefs” that you look at and think, “They are gone in the next 2 weeks tops” but this season, I actually feel embarrassed for the majority of the contestants. I don’t see how any of these clowns can be a fry cook at McDonalds much less a head chef. I so very much hope that Raj is gone tonight. YIKES is all I can say about that karate kid.

Raising Hope – Fox – (I seem to watch a lot of shows on Fox don’t I?) I had high hopes for this show. From the creators of My Name is Earl, the commercials seemed to have a good feel. A “white trash” type kid has a one nighter with a serial murder in the back of his van and 9 months later finds out he is the baby daddy right before she gets the chair. He has no clue what to do and his mom and dad are no help. A few sight gags in the first episode were fairly amusing. Cloris Leachman as an Alzheimer suffering grandmother has some good lines now and then. We watched 2 episodes. Don’t think we are going to waste the DVR space with any more. I have a feeling it might follow Lonestar soon.

Family Guy – Fox (again) – I SWEAR I DO NOT GET PAID BY FOX OR ANYONE ELSE! I LOVE Family guy. Any cartoon that can make even me feel uncomfortable sometimes with its irreverence is fun to me. This season’s premier was in the great vein of murder mysteries. I thought it reminded me a little of Murder By Death. It was good to see James “ooo a piece of candy” Woods finally SPOILER ALERT get bumped off. However, there were a few twists that I am curious to see if they carry through in the season, or if they were just a separate story line that they will ignore later. MORE SPOILER ALERTS Mort’s wife died. Gillian’s husband died. James Woods Died. Diane Simmons is the murderer. Will they be back to life later? Are they gone forever Ollie … what do you think? “THEY ALL DEAD!” Thank you Ollie.

Desperate Housewives – ABC – Wife watches. She loves it. My opinion … an we have a bigger plane crash next season? PLEASE!  There were amusing moments in the past but I think the show has run its course.

Brothers & Sisters – ABC – Another of the wife’s favs. Can we have a BIGGER car crash? I paid bills when it was on. Robe Lowe left the series last season and they can’t even have the decency to kill him off. He is in a coma, which says to me that the network is thinking “leave him in the coma long enough that the people watching will forget who played him and then in soap opera fashion we can bring him back to life with another actor.” Yeah … whatever.

House – Do I have to say what network? – House and Cuddy. Good! About time. I will say though that if they keep them in a stable relationship the tension that kept the show fun is gone. Look back at ANY show where the couples eventually got together. It ended the series.

Bones – They are keeping them apart! YAY! The series will go on. Still waiting to see how the series goes this season. The opener I thought was kinda lame but …. Who am I?

Glee – Although I am not a “Gleek” I will admit that I like the show. I think it is starting to get a little forced. We shall see. I will say that the bitchier they make Rachel, the more I loathe her character and don’t like watching her. I felt the same way as Seinfeld dragged on and George got whinier and whinier. Couldn’t watch him.

Stargate Universe –  I have to throw in a Sci Fi show on SyFy. Despite what some have said about this darker Stargate installment, I like it. I feel the storyline is well developed and the characters are a little deeper. It doesn’t have the same elements of “fun” that the other series had but it is still god.

Well, that is about it for today. I know, not real great and kind of a lazy post but this is what it may be until after the baby is born, and then you will have to deal with me talking about her 🙂

I might throw out some reviews of other shows as I get to them.

Until next time, remember … “there comes a time in every man’s life when he has to look the potato of injustice right in the eye.”


2 Responses to “As Soon As It Starts, It’s Over For Some”

  1. We gave Raising Hope one episode. The Cloris alzheimers thing got old real quick and that, to us, was about the only redeeming aspect to the show. But I’ve read so many other people that love this show. I don’t get it.

    • That’s about where we were. Jackie thinks that the grocery store clerk might have had redeeming value but I don’t think the show is going to last long enough. Another example of all the best parts in the commercials. Could have worked but I think they dumbed it down wayyyy too much.

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