Dead Silence

Wow. I totally spaced that a new month had started. I cannot believe that I missed the Aug update for the dead celebrity watch. I guess that lack of sleep really did get to me. I need to just put a reminder on my phone or something. Well, we all know that some famous folks died last month so let’s get straight to it shall we. By the way, I added links to either Wikipedia or IMDB so you can see what the people are famous for if you don’t know or my short description isn’t enough.

Bob Probert – 45 – Hockey Player – July 5th

Simion Stanciu – 60 – Romanian Pan Flautist – July 6th

Vonetta McGee – 65 – Actress – July 9th

Robert Spillane – 45 – Actor and son of Mickey Spillane – July 10th

Louis Keller – 87 – Inventor of the Bobcat – July 11th

George Steinbrenner – 80 – Owner of the Yankees – July 13th

Frances Kuyper – 92 – Founded world’s first Cake Museum – July 15th

James Gammon – 70 – The manager in Major League – July 16th

Shirley Silvey – 82 – Animator for Rocky & Bullwinkle, George of the Jungle – July 17th

David Warren – 85 – Inventor of the Flight Data Recorder – July 19th

Dorothy Stowe – 89 – Co-founder of Greenpeace – July 23rd

Maury Chaykin – 61 – Actor in Lots of different things – July 27th

Bob Fenimore – 84 – Chicago Bear – July 28th

John Aylesworth – 80 – Co-Creator of Hee Haw – July 28th

Lorene Yarnell – 62 – Mime (Shields and Yarnell) Dot Matrix in Spaceballs – July 29th

Dan Resin – 79 – Dr. Beeper in Caddyshack and Tidy Bowl Man – July 31st

Mitch Miller – 99 – Sing Along With Mitch – July 31st

A few shockers in there for me I must admit. I also didn’t realize that the Tidy Bowl man and the Dr. were one in the same. I should have. I am ashamed of myself. It is a sad sad day when people die, but at least it gives me something to write about.

Until next time remember … “We’re outta towels, and I’m too old to go diving into lockers.”


6 Responses to “Dead Silence”

  1. Abby Gengozian Says:

    Ah you end with a Major League reference. Bless you…

  2. I never made that connection, that’s for sure!

  3. I found a series of about 10 photos of Bob Probert in a fight. It’s pretty cool. The last one shows him going to the penalty box. Yay!

    • Loved Probert. I have a signed puck from him. Was going to get his number and name on my jersey … still might one of these days except the kids today probably wouldn’t know who he is.

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