I have been blogging on WordPress.com for a little over a year now. I have had some funny blogs, some unfunny blogs, some good pictures, no pictures and a variety of other things in my posts. No matter what I post though, I have yet to be featured on the “Freshly Pressed” section of the WordPress.com home page.

Obligatory Image Insertion

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a section where 10 blogs are posted on the home page as featured blogs. I have clicked through a number of these and sometimes I just think to myself “really?!?!” I have had PLENTY of blogs that I think were far more amusing that the ones they have featured there. I know that they are randomly chosen, and they even had a post about how to get chosen. It seems to me I have done most of the things that it takes to get chosen to be freshly pressed.

I will admit that incoherent ramblings aren’t always the things that masses of people want to read but still, I would like the shot. I would like the personal satisfaction to know that I was good enough to be one of the chosen few. One of the elite to have their blog opened up to possibly hundreds of hits in one or two days. I want my 15 minutes of blogging fame.

With that said, I am not complaining about the selection process really. I don’t want the committee to think that I am writing this just to get chosen … oh wait, I am doing that. Hmmm. That probably will keep me from getting chosen. Come to think of it, my spelling is pretty bad at times, my grammar is nowhere close to being copywriter quality. I don’t have very many interesting original images. My headlines are often times lacking and most times my content isn’t all THAT interesting is it? I am starting to see now, why I am not chosen.

Oh well, I guess I should just be happy to have the readers that I DO have. I love my readers and the comments that they leave are many times much better than my actual blog post and keep me and my wife laughing for hours. Well, ok it is usually my wife laughing at me, but still.

Well, I am hoping that the powers that be will someday find one of my blogs interesting enough to feature me on the home page. Until then, I will continue to let the voices tell me what to write and hopefully entertain all of you.

Hey look at me! I posted three days in a row! I hope I can keep it up but made the list of things that need to be done before the baby comes and … YIKES! I am going to be one busy soon to be daddy the next couple of months.

Well, I am off to come up with a hundred or so tags to let me be found. Until next time, even if I am never featured, remember … “when I die, on my deathbed, I will receive total consciousness. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.”


7 Responses to “FEATURE ME! FEATURE ME!”

  1. You’re such a whore. 😉

  2. Pointeshoe.net Says:

    This post is so funny and refreshingly honest, too! I agree that some (if not most) of the freshly pressed are not anything to write home about. They say they want you to have a very catchy title. I write about ballet-pointe shoes and have tried to get creative with a title: Pointe shoe strangled by frustrated ballerina….but then my readers would leave me.!!!! How about: One Legged Ballerina Makes Pointe Shoes Last Twice As Long? The only way I could have a catchy title would be to edit it after getting on freshly pressed so I could get my readers back . ……By the way, your blog is beautifully designed!!

  3. I think I was featured once, on blogger. I really don’t know.
    And, you are a whore.

  4. Pointeshoe.net Says:

    Would you like to write the one-legged ballerina article? That might get you freshly pressed. Or, at least freshly squeezed like a lemon 🙂

    • I am thinking that might be a very amusing post as I know nothing about ballet or the shoes. I do however find the concept of a one legged ballerina extraordinarily funny as well as politically incorrect.

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