I Want To Quit But I Just Can’t

Welcome my friends to Techtainment Tuesday. I hope you all can still read this as I have recently installed 4,687 different privacy options to my blog and I can’t remember who I have blocked, and who I have sent 400 meaningless Farmyo Wars invites to.

Much has been made about Facebook’s privacy setting lately. For me, I always go in and have my Facebook as private as I can get it. My wife, not so much. She basically can be found by just about anyone I think. I haven’t googled her lately so I can’t be sure. Maybe I will google her tonight. (is that double entendre enough for you Sybil?) Anyway, they are saying that they are going to simplify their privacy options starting tomorrow night. That is not really saying much considering what they currently are. It is like Einstein saying he is going to simplify the Theory of relativity from the grave. (I don’t know what that means either.) Anyhoo … I, along with thousands, neigh millions of others, have toyed with the idea of ending my relationship with facebook. I just can’t do it though.

Deleting my Facebook account would, in reality, be no major loss. I really don’t use it that much compared to most other people I know. Yes, I have used it to re-connect with some old friends, which is nice. I have been able to congratulate, as well as get congratulated, on some major events. I have also been able to stay informed on some entertainment options that may or may not interest me. I have been able to use it to pimp my blog. There have also been the drawbacks.

I have been one of those annoying people who protested against all the notifications from the games on Facebook. I have close to 100 (if not more) various applications blocked from accessing my information. I have unfortunately had to hide people on occasion because they are addicted like crack to Facebook and post WAY to much information that I don’t have time to read or just don’t care that they are doing their nails or going to get the mail. I have had to remove a number of things from my profile and pages because I don’t want Yuri in Kazakhstan to know that I had a piece of Leg Lamp flair on my wall or that I am a fan of B.J. and the Bear.

I wish I could quit Facebook outright. It would simplify my life. It would be one less thing I would have to deal with on a daily basis. I just can’t. Quitting Facebook these days would be akin to refusing to use Microsoft Office and only using Word Perfect and Quattro Pro (yes they still exist).

If I quit Facebook, I would never get invited to a party again. It seems that everyone who used to use evites, is now using Facebook. I am guilty of this as well. I would also never be able to see pictures of various events since most people use Facebook as their main posting place. I have a twitter account but, as many others reason, why make someone go to many different places when Facebook can do it all. The other reason I can’t leave … like Stewie Griffin … I don’t like change. It took me a long time to get on Facebook to begin with, and that was only due to a job requirement at the time. If I left now, I would have a void of communication choices.

A few of us at work have talked about Facebook and its growth from a marketing standpoint. We are convinced that it has grown so fast because of the economy. That if we weren’t in such a downturn, where everyone is trying to get their names out there for free, that it wouldn’t be as big as it is right now. I have predicted that Facebook will go the way of MySpace within a year and a half or so. By that I mean that it will be in decline, and it will be looked at as the “also ran”. MySpace will eventually just disappear or be bought by Facebook while Facebook is still popular. One of my esteemed colleagues has actually predicted that Facebook will be largely “out of favour” in as little as 6 months. I hope this is not the case. I have decided I am going to try to jump hard onto Facebook and really try to make it my bitch.

Everyone seems to be creating a fan page, or a “get Big Bird to host the adult film awards” page. It doesn’t mater if you are an aged comedienne or a pickle, people are setting up pages for just about everything. The crazy thing about all these pages … THEY WORK! They work just by sheer craziness of concept. So, I have decided that I am going to do the same thing. I am going to use Facebook and see if I can’t create a social buzz of my own and see what comes of it. It will probably flop like Bob Dole before Viagra but it is worth trying. If it works, I will be all smug. If it fails I will say it was just a social experiment. Once I finalize everything and get the page all set up, I will post it here. It may be as early as tomorrow since Idol is on tonight and I really don’t care about that much. I might also do some cleaning tonight so maybe a few days … I am digressing again. In other words, tune in soon to see what crazy high jinx I come up with! Until then, if you want to follow me on Facebook click below. I think you have to be signed into Facebook. Another privacy thing.

Bob Richardson

I know, counter to what I am talking about but what the hell.

That’s all for today … I think … I really lost my place half way through. So, until next time … “I owe you guys an apology. I never should have quit. I don’t want to be the guy that just drives around throwing eggs at people”

8 Responses to “I Want To Quit But I Just Can’t”

  1. Abby Gengozian Says:

    Leg Lamp! FTW!!

  2. B.J and the Bear FTW!!

    I loved that damn show as a kid. LOVED it.
    I couldn’t quit Facebook, either. It’s pretty much the only way I stay connected to anyone, really – even people who live no more than 20 minutes away from me. Plus, then I couldn’t laugh at their ugly kids or whatever. Ha! I am totally kidding.
    I am going to friend you RIGHT NOW, and you can laugh at my kid. 🙂
    (But my real friends don’t know jack about Sybil.)

    • I’m B.J. McKay and this is my best friend Bear! Very underrated show in my opinion. Friend request accepted! Now you can laugh at a number of my pictures as well. 🙂

  3. Yeah I know for some people quitting is tough. I did it a month back and haven’t looked back. Mind you, with Twitter, blogs, and last.fm, I really didn’t have all that much time to use it anyway so no real loss.

    I think it all boils down to whether or not the people you know in real life use it as their sole basis of communication. We still go to friend’s houses, they come over to ours, we all go out, and we arrange that the old fashioned way – phone calls & texts.

    • Not sure some of the people I know realize their phones can actually make calls. One of these days I will wean myself.

  4. I want to kill my Facebook account, too, but cannot. Katie uses my account as hers and I need it so I can maintain the fan page for my company. If I cancel my account, the fan page disappears and this despite the fact that I have designated three additional admins. Because I created it, it’s forever associated to my account. Stupid Facebook.

    • I am the only one that uses mine but I do need it for work occasionally as well, the whole advertising and marketing thing. Oh well.

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