I Think I Am Getting Soft

Last night Jackie and I watched our recorded episode of the Deadliest Catch season premier. It is one of the few “reality” shows that I willingly watch. I am not sure if there are many people that haven’t heard that Capt. Phil Harris, one of the main characters on the show died earlier this year. They haven’t mentioned it on the show yet but watching the show, knowing what happens later in the season was really weird.


I have always wanted to say that … anyway, I am sure that the show was edited together with the intent of showing as much of Captain Phil as possible, and using as much foreboding language as they could find. The first episode has a lot of Phil and the other captains talking about “making it home alive” and “living for the fishing season” and other such things. I heard Phil say something along those lines and I cringed. It was a little creepy at times.

There was also a fight between two of the other captains. Who got in the middle to break it up? Phil. Showing that he was one of the more level headed folks. The next thing was Phil and Sig swapping deck hands. Phil sent his own son to the other boat to be humbled a little. This would not have been that big of a thing, and maybe would have been even amusing except that you know that Phil wouldn’t be able to spend that time with his son. We knew it was precious time … he didn’t.

All in all it was bittersweet to see the season begin for me. I like the show, but at the same time I almost wish it wasn’t coming back so I could have had a clean break from Capt. Phil. He was and always will be my favorite on that show. Knowing that something is going to happen in the middle of the series … sucks. I got a little misty and was on the verge of being depressed the whole time we were watching.

On the other hand, Captain Sig is still selling his frozen fish products at fine store everywhere. Actually, now that I think about it, I have only seen them sold at Walmart. Fish from a discount retailer. Makes me think of Airplane every time. I’ll have the lasagna thank you very much.

Until next time …


8 Responses to “I Think I Am Getting Soft”

  1. barnickel Says:

    Sig sells frozen fish at Walmart? Haven’t seen it. Must go shopping… 🙂 I LOVE this show.

  2. Ah, I’ve seen ads for this show while browsing my cable and always thought “I should check that out at some point”. So now I’ve read your post and I’m thinking “I should check that out at some point”.

  3. I’ve never gotten into this show. I always thought I would like it, but never tried.

    • We like it. The characters are pretty good and you have that “who is going to get hurt this week” expectation.

  4. Sybil Law Says:

    Never seen the show, but that is kinda sad!!!
    And your title was very misleading… when you’re a perv like me…
    UGH. that sucked. 🙂

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