A Simple Touch Is All It Takes

I have carelessly been shunning my posting duties these last few weeks. Been busy, been tired, been lazy most of all. I am back though in time for Techtainment Tuesday!

I have been thinking about how I can relate the following topic to a Techtainment Tuesday blog and I think it fits. Braille is a technology that was invented to let blind people read. You can find those little bumps on just about everything from Elevators to ATMs. And I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why brail is on a drive-up ATM. I know that is a common question and everyone asks it but, I want to know! But I digress. You can probably get just about any book you want in Braille. I don’t know this for sure, since I am not blind, I just assume you can. This “technology” brings “entertainment” in book form to the blind.

Where am I going with this? Well, this morning on my drive into work, I heard something about porn literature for the blind. I didn’t hear the whole story, just a few snippets but my curiosity was piqued. It is well known that Playboy published Braille versions of it’s magazines years back, but this story seemed to focus on something new. So, I looked it up. It seems what they were talking about goes beyond the Braille magazines of days gone by. The new magazine they were talking actually wasn’t a magazine at all but a book. It has 3D body parts throughout the pages. Yes, now instead of just reading about it, blind men and women can slide their fingers across various images much as was done in MASK. I think the results will be a tad more pleasurable than feeling up Rocky Dennis’ face though. I didn’t read the entire story as it was at work during my lunch hour, and some of the images were, shall we say, risqué? It did seem interesting but I wondered, if all these images are raised in some fashion to make them tactile, wouldn’t that make for a really big book? Doesn’t seem like something that could be hidden between the mattresses.

I have always wondered what is was like to try and read Braille. I touch it in the elevator  and other places when I see it. (the brail numbers you sickos) I am wondering if this book might be something that sighted people could bond over with the blind and find common ground. Touching IS a universal language after all.

While I am pushing the boundaries of political correctness … On my way home from work last night, a person in an SUV pulled up behind me. They were having, what appeared to be, a very involved discussion with someone. I thought maybe she was yelling at someone in the back seat, or on the phone. The more I watched, I am pretty convinced she was having some major turrets syndrome ticks. Her arms flailed and her head did some crazy movements too. This is the second time I have seen this behavior in someone driving. By no means am I making fun of anyone with this affliction, I am just wondering is it really safe to be driving with all of those spastic body movements?

Until next time, remember … “studies show that smoking in the shower reduces risk of fire by about a half. “

4 Responses to “A Simple Touch Is All It Takes”

  1. You’d also think the braille books would sell just as well for people with seeing eyes, too. You get to feel the boobies? Nice.
    I’ve been seeing spastic fuckers in their cars lately, too. What the hell?

  2. Yeah, but if I see a blind person reading Braille in public who suddenly gets an erection, I’m leaving.

  3. […] ago I wrote about a 3D relief book of nakedness. Now, a new form of 3D is coming to a news stand near you. Yes, Playboy has combined 3D with […]

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