Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail

Hopping down the bunny trail. Hippity Hop and all that.

Happy Easter tomorrow/today depending on when you read this. Just wanted to make sure I got on and wished everyone happy Easter. There, I said it twice even. I really like that Kapgar mentioned dead bunnies and posted a great video you can see here.

Pretty much that is all I wanted to say today. Been a very busy couple days with shopping for my niece’s birthday which also happens to be on the same day we are celebrating Easter that I am making a pie and jell-o mold for so … I do have some (hopefully) funny ideas for upcoming posts, AND I will be moving to self hosting very, very soon so (again hopefully) there will be some cool enhancements coming once I move. I will let anyone everyone know before hand in time to change any RSS or subscriptions.

I have posted about this before, so I won’t bore you all with another tirade on movie and TV remakes. I do however, feel that after the recent apparent mistake of “Clash of the Titans”, and my fear for the upcoming “A-Team”, I need to warn the public of future plans that Hollywood has to rape the past memories that everyone has of past movies and TV shows. So maybe it isn’t me warning but I found this list at Den Of Geek of no less that 75 remakes or reboots that is very informative. Read, enjoy and beware.

Until next time remember … “these eggs are *not* to be fried. Nor are they to be roasted, toasted, or waffled.”


One Response to “Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail”

  1. Happy Easter!!!
    I am so tired. The Bunny (me) was up late last night, getting shit together, eating carrots and celery, etc. GAH.

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