24 Leaves iPhones On Verizon

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Techtainment Tuesday. Maybe only sort of exciting. I am still fighting a lot of the sympathetic tiredness. Today, we are in mourning. We found out this weekend that we officially have lost one of the best shows on television. In just a few mere hours we will see the end of 24. Jack Bauer will leave our televisions for the big screen. I am saddened. I love 24. Jack Bauer is one bad ass mo fo. For days he has led us through many an adventure. Granted, it has pretty much been the same story line. I never knew that the US was attacked that many times by nuclear weapons. I do think however that a few of the other characters have been underrated.

Take Chloe for example. She deserves far more credit than she gets. She is smart. Smarter than most of the people around her. Mary Lynn Rajskub on her own is pretty darn funny. I have seen her in a few other things and she was HYSTERICAL when she stopped by The Soup. Other underrated characters, most that got killed off way too soon: Edgar, Morris, Milo, George … the list goes on. 24 will be missed by me. Mainly because now they will try to put American Idol on 4 nights a week.

On the technology side of things, it looks like I would be able to get an iPhone soon even if I don’t want to leave Verizon. I am not sure I want one. I don’t like the touch screen with no click. That is why I like my BB Storm. Plus, I don’t need all the apps. I know I have hashed this over before but, as I said, I am dog tired lately and it is a struggle to get my mind to work past the hours I am at work.

Exactly 2 people who have read my blog and have not ever commented, have asked me about my quotes. Actually, I think they have just proof read my blog maybe once. Or maybe I just told them I write one. In any case, they asked me “what’s the deal with your quotes? They don’t make any sense half the time.” I told them they were just not paying attention. I didn’t want to tell them the meaning behind my quotes because I didn’t want to waste a perfectly good side note. So what do they mean? Nothing other than every quote I put at the end of my post is from a TV show, movie or song and has something to do, even in the most bizarre of ways, with what I posted that day.

So, until next time, remember … “There are things in this world which are out of our control. Sometimes we like to blame ourselves for them so we can try to make sense out of them.” Other times, we just drink every time Jack says “copy that”.


8 Responses to “24 Leaves iPhones On Verizon”

  1. Sybil Law Says:

    Huh… the quotes have always made sense to me!!
    24 – I hope the movie version really kicks ass, or I’m gonna be pissed.

    • You are not one of those 2 people though 🙂 and yes, 24 the movie better be the best thing I have ever seen or I don’t want it to even be made!

  2. I watched the very first episode of 24 and then promptly never watched it again. I did like what I saw though. I think I’ll see if I can go back and watch them all.

  3. Dawn Dean Says:

    First House and now 24, wth? Wasn’t it bad enough that they made us wait a grueling 2 years between seasons? I am so pissed at Fox right now, I don’t want to have to go through the trouble of devoting myself to new shows. If they try to take Bones off the air, I’m getting myself a picket and protesting.

  4. I hope House hasn’t been canceled.

    As for 24, its time has come. The last few seasons have been crap. Since that season where they killed off everybody cool right in the beginning? Crap. And the drinking game? I thought we were supposed to do a shot every time Jack says “dammit!”

    • I think there have been like at least 10 different phrases I have heard of for a drinking game. In the earlier episodes, I even heard of one where you drank every time Kim had a lost and confounded look on her face or did something stupid that in no way advanced the plot. I think there were 100 cases of alcohol poisoning with that version.

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