Oooh Baby Baby … Baby Baby

A pretty short Techtainment Tuesday today everyone. I have been really dragging the last few weeks and I am finding it hard to come up with things on theme day. I still want to keep it though mainly so I can say I have one. I am pretty sure it is sympathetic tiredness. Since I am not gaining sympathetic pregnancy weight, I am getting tired.

Funny I should mention the wife’s pregnancy as that is what today’s Techtainment Tuesday is about. On the technical front … ultrasounds are SOOO COOL! We originally went in for a normal visit and to just hear the heartbeat. This is done with what looked like the microphone and speaker toy in Toy Story. Apparently the baby is taking after me though and being a pain. My luck we are having Mikey from “look Who’s Talking”. The little guy/girl was hiding and swimming around upside down so the doc had to break out the full ultrasound to find it. The bonus to this is that we got to get new pictures that are actually starting to look like a baby instead of a mutant amphibian. The down side is, I am pretty sure that just for him flipping the “on” switch on that thing is going to cost us a couple hundred dollars more than if we didn’t. Of course I will gladly pay it, it just seems like a scam. I think he made the microphone thing not work on purpose.

Believe it or not, I am tying in the visit to the baby doctor with the entertainment. No, I am not using the ultrasound, or the microphone as entertaining. What is entertaining to me is that all of the artwork in the OBGYN offices are large prints. All of them done by Georgia O’Keeffe. I find that amusing.

Until next time … “Somebody burp me before I blow up!”


6 Responses to “Oooh Baby Baby … Baby Baby”

  1. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t she?

    • What’s worse is I am convinced the baby is going to be a girl so I will be ganged up on from wife, to child, to dog. Of course I will love every minute of it. 🙂

  2. No pictures?!! I feel ripped off!

    • Was actually going to get some pictures tonight on here but the wife took them to Springfield with her. I will get in trouble if I put lizard baby pics up. Come to think of it, I will now be in trouble for calling it lizard baby.

  3. Wait. So you *didn’t* want a mutant amphibian then?

    • I am not good with humidity so the whole amphibian/lizard/reptile thing just wouldn’t be conducive to my psychological well being. Although I would make a SHITLOAD of money from the tabloids.

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