A New Moon Rises

So, this afternoon while Jackie was off at a bachelorette party, I was instructed to go to Walmart. Normally, this is not a big deal. I usually do most of the shopping because I do not shop, I buy. I can go into a grocery store and get 2 weeks of groceries for Jackie and I, and food for a holiday dinner for the entire family (9 people) in about 20 min. Walmart takes me a little longer because NOTHING there is in a logical place. Still, I can get in and out relatively quick.

We needed a few cleaning supplies and I needed some body wash, and an onion so I could make corned beef hash tomorrow to use up the rest of the leftover corned beef. I also got a few other things that I knew we needed. Um, I think I digressed from my original point which I can’t remember what is was … OH YEAH!!

So, since I was going anyway, I was told to pick up the newly released New Moon vampire movie. First, they aren’t even by the movies. The movies are by the cameras in a separate display. A number of different versions are there. I picked a double disk something with exclusive scenes of someone doing something in some town that a story of some sort is based on that is only sold at Walmart. So I pick this up and the “I’m retired but I work at Walmart on the weekends because I can’t stand my wife’s nagging” clerk told me on the other side they might still have the bundled movie set that comes with a calendar and I could look at the “action figures”. Come on. I may not look 40 but I certainly don’t look like a 15 year old girl who wants a vampire doll.

Up to the checkout I go and NONE of the “fast lanes” are open. I am a little annoyed that Walmart got rid of their self check out lanes. I LOVE those at Jewel. But I digress. So I find this lane that has 2 guys in front of me and another guy gets in line behind me. ALL of us had New Moon in one form or another. ALL of us were sent out in the snow to get it. ALL of us had said we were NOT going to go out at midnight last night to get it. Which is why we were all in line right now. We stood and all joked about the fact we were buying it for our wives. We also decided that it was good that WE went to buy it and not them because of the large displays of “stuff” they had. We all agreed it was cheaper this way. I felt as I bonded a little at Walmart checkout. We should have all gone out for a beer. Why I needed to share this … I have no clue. Just thought it was amusing that there were so many of us buying the same movie at the same time.

I saw a trailer this week for a new movie coming out called “Kick-Ass”. I looked it up and apparently it is based on some comic book but, to me it looks an awful lot like a remake of Mystery Men but with kids. Oh well.

Until next time remember … I’m a Pantera’s box you do not wanna open.


6 Responses to “A New Moon Rises”

  1. Kara Vorkian Says:

    What a good husband! Although Jackie’s gonna be pissed you passed up all the other goodies!

    And Pantera’s box? Uhhhh, Pandora maybe? ;-P But I guess I wouldn’t wanna open a Pantera’s box either.

  2. Pantera FTW!!
    New Moon. I will NOT be sending my husband out for that, that’s for sure.

  3. Katie hasn’t sent me out for that one either. And, if we do finally get it, it will be the stripped down version, I’m sure. She doesn’t care about the extras and does not go googly-eyed for anybody in the movie.

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