A Public Service Announcement Initiated By Steve Cochran

On the way home from work today, there was a discussion on the radio of things that were ok to do as a kid but not as an adult. I was listening to the Steve Cochran show on WGN Radio 720 AM. They talked about many things, but the one that caught my attention most, was an activity that they decided needed a PSA. I agree.

What were they talking about you ask? To be blunt … hitting other guys in the nuts. This is not a self defense activity. What is being talked about here is flicking out and knocking a fellow male of the species right where it hurts. This can be done with the back of a hand, a towel snap, throwing a small but weight substantial item … anything that hits just hard enough to cause extreme pain and discomfort.

Ladies and gentleman, I am joining this cause and bringing it out to those that read here. A foundation was talked about on the show. They were calling it N.U.T.T. or Never Underestimate Testicle Taps. (I think I got that right) I believe this is a very worthy cause. Too many times, grown men, and sometimes women, think that a light tap to the groinal region is funny and harmless. I am here to tell you that it is not. My dog does it to me all the time with her alligator like tail. It hurts. It is debilitating. It is not funny.

I ask that people join the cause. Spread the word. Do not engage in such a painful past time. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, teach your children well. Together we can make a difference. Together we can abolish this medieval practice of humiliation.

I will follow this crusade and keep people posted. There is talk of logos, t-shirts, bumper stickers … all to support the cause. If the ball is dropped by the Cochran contingent, I will pick up the torch and carry on as I believe this is something that can be ignored no longer. I thank you in advance for your support in the propagation of this cause.

Until next time remember …Just Say NO!

Just Say No to Groinal Violence


6 Responses to “A Public Service Announcement Initiated By Steve Cochran”

  1. I reserve the right to inflict groinal pain when needed – but not just for “fun”.
    That’s just fucking stupid.

  2. You know, I must have lived a very sheltered life growing up across the pond as I never had the “pleasure” of nut whackage as comedic folly. Well, I did playing Rugby but that’s entirely different matter and OMFGITHURTSEYESWATERING it was bad. Very very bad.

    In other nut news, Truck Nuts. WTF?

    • I looked up Truck Nuts. I must say, if I were to have a truck, and I were to give it nuts, I would give it a set of brass balls.

  3. But it only took the one time to get my husband to stop grabbing my chesticular protrusions in public.

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