My Box Is Red … Is That A Good Thing?

Welcome to another riveting, fact filled installment of Techtainment Tuesday. With the Oscars coming up on Sunday, everyone is going to be running out to watch the movies that are nominated and even more so, the movies that win. How will people get these movies? Well, it depends. There are a number of options available to the movie consuming public these days.

Personally, the wife and I mostly get movies on demand from our cable company. The cost isn’t prohibitive since we only rent maybe 1 or 2 movies a month. Because of our low rental rate, getting Netflix is still not something we are ready to spend the money on. Eventually though, we will probably go this route since we can stream Netflix on our PS3 and our Blue-Ray player. Yes, we have both. Impressed?

Speaking of Netflix, that is how I think most Americans are getting their movies these days. They eliminate going to the store and still deliver a physical DVD. Yeah you have to mail them back so there is a little inconvenience.

Believe it or not, Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are still around. Granted, they are closing more and more stores and as I remember the last time I was in one of these brick and mortars, the prices were outrageous. Plus, you have to go to the store, return it on time, yada, yada, yada.

The newest way to rent movies that is sweeping the nation, (maybe not THAT new but still) is Red Box. Now, I have seen this type of thing before for something. It may have been movies. Maybe it was just a fancy gumball machine I saw somewhere, maybe I am thinking of a vend-o-mat with old sandwiches, maybe I am thinking of the condom machine in a gas station bathroom … but I am digressing. Red Box machines seem to be everywhere. They are outside of just about every grocery store, gas station and even Walmart. But, that is also their drawback. The theory is that you can walk up, get your movie quickly. I was at Jewel the other day picking up a few grocery items, and I passed the Red Box machine on my way in. It was later in the day so it was around 32 degrees out. There was a line of about 8 people. Some of them were with small children. I took note of the people at the back of the line.

I went in and purchased my food. It took about 25 min. I left.

I passed the Red box on my way out and the last 3 people were still in line waiting to get their movie. That means they were in line for 25 min, in the cold, waiting for their chance to pick their movie. Now, from what I understand, you can’t even get brand new releases from a Red Box. Yes, the movies are very cheap. Cheaper than going to a Blockbuster, but is standing in the cold for 25 minutes really worth the savings? Me, I would rather avoid frostbite, and pay the extra $2 to browse in a warm building, be able to get the newest releases, buy popcorn (granted if they still sell it, it probably costs more than the movie) and be able to complain to a real human that the prices are too high and the selection sucks. I mean, who can you complain to when you are buying from a machine? Do I want to get my movie and then have to go into the store and stand in line again to get movie style tasty treats? NO! That is just the way I roll I guess. Now, I don’t go to Blockbuster or any of the other places any more anyway so I would not rent from Red Box. I just don’t understand the concept. I guess for that cold, impersonal touch with no one to complain to, then Red Box is the way to go. Thinking about it now, I guess I should maybe try the service before I trash it. If I did that though, I might like it and I wouldn’t have a blog entry for today. So in the spirit of hating on what I haven’t tried … Red Box … BOO! Although I think I have a few valid points. Maybe.

Me, I will be downloading movies soon enough. I will keep renting them from cable. And most of all, I will be one of those supporting the newer technologies by actually buying the physical Blu-ray discs with DVD version and Digital Copy included.

Speaking of digital copies, a Norman clone appeared magically in my car today, surprisingly while I was out at the Lego store. Not sure how it happened. It was really creepy. With that happening, the far northwest Imperial Outpost has been established. The conquest has begun.

That is about it for today. Until next time remember … “nobody twisted your arm to be here. You’re here of your own volition.”


4 Responses to “My Box Is Red … Is That A Good Thing?”

  1. barnickel Says:

    Ask Maria if Red Box is cheaper – she NEVER remembers to return those things!!! We actually go to Blockbuster.. I like to complain to a real person 😉

  2. I haven’t tried Red Box yet. I had a free rental offered to me, but I gave it to a friend who I knew used it regularly.

    As for Blu-Ray and PS3, I have neither yet. Our DVD players are working great and, until one of them dies, we will keep using them.

  3. I did use Redbox once – with my daughter, who saw the stupid machine (and there was no line and actually, I NEVER see a line for it) – we had a free thing for it, so we used it. I don’t even remember what movie we got – that was like, 3 years ago.
    But overall, I am completely with you on convenience. I will pay more for damn near anything so I don’t have to deal with the hassle.
    However, we’re old school like Kapgar – just DVD players (although we could download movies, too).

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