They Got Busy Livin’, Now They’re Getting Busy Dyin’

It’s the beginning of the month. What does that mean? It mean’s mortgage payments are due, heartworm and flea/tick treatments for the dog, time to clean out the refrigerator and time to update the celebrity death watch list. Although Feb was a short month, it seems that it was a big month for celebrity deaths. Again, I have not included everyone that died in February. One of these days however, I AM going to include all of the Tongan philosophers that die in a given month. Below is the latest list of celebrities who have left us this month. It should be noted that while no one has yet to match a dead celebrity, we have had a family guess come close. Marie Osmond was picked at the beginning of the year. It was a death in the family, which is still pretty hard to pick.

Feb Celeb Deaths

Frances Reid – 95 – Days of our Lives – Feb 3

Richard Delvy – 67 – Drummer The Bel-Airs – Feb 6

Capt. Phil Harris – 53 – Deadliest Catch – Feb 9

Walter Morrison – 90 – Frisbee inventor – Feb 9

Alexander McQueen – 40 – Fashion Designer – Feb 11

Doug Fieger – 57 – Lead Singer “The Knack” – Feb 14

Ronald Howes – 83 – Inventor of the Easy Bake Oven – Feb 16

Alexander Haig – 85 – Politician – Feb 20

Andrew Koenig – 41 – Boner on Growing Pains – Feb 25ish

Michael Blosil – 18 – Marie Osmond’s son – Feb 26

Tom “T-Bone” Wolk – 58 – Bassist for Hall & Oats – Feb 27

Speaking of dead celebrities, I just want to wish a happy birthday to Harry Caray today. I wish I could have been there for the toast. Here is to a Bud Man and a Cub Fan.

On another note, not really dead celebrity news, but more on the “Where Are They Now” front. Have you ever wondered what happened to that Stormtrooper from Star Wars? Well wonder no more. Through extensive research on my part (actually it was just reading an email) Norman has been found and has started a blog of his own. I have added the link in my blogroll as well. Norman and his own clone army will be taking over the known universe very soon, and I am hoping to help. Yes, I am hoping to be no better than a scruffy nerf herder. You can see what Norman has been up to courtesy of my buddy Kevin. I think Kevin is Norman’s new PR guy or something. Hopefully soon, I will be representing my own clone to spread Norman’s message throughout, at least, the far northwest suburbs. Long live the Clones!!!

For now that is all. Be sure to tune in this week for what I think the Oscar picks should be. Until next time remember … As of now, I am in control here in the White House.


7 Responses to “They Got Busy Livin’, Now They’re Getting Busy Dyin’”

  1. How much work does it take to keep track of all this crap?

    • When celebrity death is a labor of love, it is no work at all. That and I really don’t get out much.

  2. And, while I may have started as a PR guy for Norman, it’s obvious I’m just a vessel being used until Norman takes over the world at which point I’ll likely be discarded like so much used garbage.

  3. I WISH you were in control in the White House! Will you give me a job? Making tons o’ cash? Somewhere warm? Please?!!!!!!
    I’m gittin’ one of them there Normans, too. I am actually excited about it, so I guess I’m a big dork! 😀

    • If I am not a dork for talking about Norman in the blog and talking about the Millennium Falcon in my comments … then I do not know what dork is.

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