Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Happy Friday all. They are predicting that by midnight tonight, there is a very good possibility that there will be at least an inch of snow in all 50 states at the same time. Yes, this does include Hawaii. Who says global warming isn’t changing things.

The fashion world was changed this week with the death of Alexander McQueen. Personally, I have never heard of him but, he made the news casts and since I am keeping track of the whole celebrity death thing, I thought I would mention it.

Another person who changed life as we know it died this week as well. Walter Morrison. Who is he you ask? I asked the same thing. He invented the Frisbee. He was 90. That would fall into the category of “he was still alive?” Even though I didn’t know him by name, I still thought he was long passed on.

Also changing this week, at least my page didn’t change until Tuesday, was Facebook. That is one change toward fulfilling my predictions for 2010. Now only 200 some odd updates left for the year for Facebook. I don’t really mind the change I don’t think since I don’t Farm of Fish or look for treasure. Maybe it affects them more.

Change is coming to corporate America in the very near future as Comcast plans to change it’s name. Welcome to Xfinity. Apparently Comcast is hoping that re-branding itself will make everyone forget about the horrible customer service that customers have endured for years. Personally, I have had very few issues with Comcast over the last few years. Maybe I was just lucky or maybe I keep getting helped by the few people who like their jobs and care about their performance. Either way, I really can’t in good conscience bad mouth Comcast/Xfinity other than their exorbitant pricing.

Speaking of changing names and updating branding … In the upcoming days, weeks, months, depending on how motivated I get, my blog will be getting some changes here and there. The name will be changing and eventually I will be moving to a self hosted blog. This will give me the availability to do a lot more as it will be more like a real website. It will still contain what you have come to expect (or dread) in my postings, but the new name will more closely reflect me. The new name will be “Voices In My Brain”. That will also be my new URL for the blog. The URL is currently alive and redirecting to this blog so if you want to get a jump on it and re-bookmark now, feel free. It is

The name on the blog will probably change this weekend. The moving of the blog itself will depend on the motivation of me finally signing up for hosting and then moving everything. So probably June or July at the rate I move sometimes.

That is about all the change I can handle for one day, unless of course anyone has any spare change they want to pass my way. Yeah, that’s right, I just cyber panhandled.

Until next time remember … Time may change me, but hippies… they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and play frisbee!”


4 Responses to “Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes”

  1. Call me a hippie!
    Wow. I got edumacated – didn’t know McQueen died, also the frisbee guy, and didn’t know about Comcast.
    I guess I do live under a rock!

  2. It will only make the Comcast customers forget until the new company shows similar customer service inability. Won’t take long for everyone to put two and two together and, for once, get four.

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