Where Do I Want To Live?

Lately I have been thinking about upgrading my blog to be more of an actual web site. I would like to be able to eventually put a sort of voice portfolio up as I still would like to do voice over work for some cartoon someday. Plus I would like to have a little more flexibility on my blog to make it wicked cool. I am running into quite a quandary though when it comes to trying to pick a domain.

The ones I want most are of course all taken. The one I would really want, my name, actually says in the Google results “I figure that at least some other “Bob Richardson” won’t get it instead.” Jerk. It’s not even an interesting web site. I could get it in .net or .me or I could get thebobrichardson.com or a number of other variations that make it just confusing enough. I could shorten it to a few variations but still I really can’t get a good .com name that I really want. That got me to thinking … is .com really as important as it used to be?

When thinking of a web address I still automatically think everything is a .com, and I work in the web industry. I know that there are a whole slew of other domains out there. Some public, some not.  The names I want are all available in .me but is that going to make people remember the domain? Honestly, I had never heard of a .me until I just recently started researching available domains. I guess since it is rather unique and I personally haven’t seen a lot of .me web sites yet, it might be new enough that it would work.

The main question would be is what domain I should pick. I am tempted to take “THEbobrichardson.com” just to piss off that other guy that isn’t doing anything with his site. Or maybe “therealbobrichardson.com”. The problem is that those are real long and who wants to have to remember to type all that in. I picked a random name when I started this of bobrich so that I would not have to type a long name myself. But even bobrich.com is taken. Who knew that the hardest part of me moving my blog to a real domain would be picking the damn name. Hopefully I will think of something clever in a dream or in the shower, forget to write it down and be right back where I started. Anyone have any thoughts on the whole .com .me .net thing? Does it matter anymore these days? Does it affect SEO or anything? (like how I threw out an industry thing?) Let me know as I am sure there are those of you out there with a little more tech knowledge than I.

Wow, a rather incredibly incoherent rambling today.

That’s it for now. Until next time, remember … “Spandex: it’s a privilege, not a right. “


9 Responses to “Where Do I Want To Live?”

  1. What about muppetbobby.com? or voiceoverbob.com?

    • I thought about something Muppet related but since The Muppets are pretty much under the Disney watchful eye, I would be the one that would get sued for some sort of copyright infringement. The voice over one though … that is a possibility.

  2. .com isn’t what it used to be. It’s impossible to get a GOOD .com nowadays. That’s why you get company names like flickr. Flicker.com was taken, so let’s drop a vowel.

    I’m thinking about starting a website, but guess what? brianray.com is taken. He’s a guitarist who has played with Paul McCartney. I’m thinking of going with .tv or .us.

    SEO isn’t based on the domain name of the website, but on it’s contents. If this is going to be a personal site, you really shouldn’t need to worry about SEO anyways.

    If you need any help with your site, you know a slew of folks in Tennessee who can help you out.

    • I kind of figured .com was losing it’s punch. Also figured SEO didn’t matter for what I need, but I wanted to sound a little geeky. 🙂 Believe me, if/when I get to that point, I will be hitting up all the folks I know.

  3. Sybil Law Says:

    My site is the major suck, but… oh well.
    Spandex is indeed a privilege. 🙂

    • Actually, your site is nice and straightforward, to the point. My problem is I have Tim Taylor syndrome and always want more power argh argh argh

  4. Picking a domain name is always a bitch and a half. Especially now in the age of domain reselling and squatting. Makes it nearly impossible as people try to snatch up everything useful and resell it for a profit.

    But .com is still the way to go. Think about it, anytime you don’t remember the end of a URL, you default to .com, right? That’s what is ingrained in our psyche. We remember and refer to that before .net or .tv or .org or any of them.

    Howsabout (and I haven’t checked their availability yet):


    • Ok now those are some good names. A few are actually available. I am really liking one of them. I think I may jump on it and at least get it registered. Worry about the hosting later.

    • I got a domain. Now I just have to figure out where to host and how to use WordPress.org

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