Techtainment Tuesday … A Follow Up

It was announced today, introducing the Apple iPad. A few different pricing options seem to make it an affordable item if you don’t want a lot of memory. Still, what will be the point if you don’t have a large amount of memory to store games, apps, etc. It comes with built in WiFi which is essential for such a device.

A nice added feature is optional 3G so that you can have “anywhere internet”. Unfortunately, this is also the sad part. Despite all the problems and complaints about AT&T with the iPhone, Apple has decided to stick with them for the 3G data packages for the iPad. Instead of looking to fix the problem, they just decided to add even more bandwidth suckage to the AT&T network. Good luck now iPhone users. That is about it as I just wanted to get this out there.

Perhaps I will post more next Tuesday once everyone is sick of hearing about it. Then again maybe I will be too sick hearing about it and I won’t.

One final parting thought. When I heard the name of the new product, I posted on Facebook “The iPad … the immature side of me wants to know if it will have wings.”

My friend Abby confirmed for me that yes indeed, the iPad has wings.

2 Responses to “Techtainment Tuesday … A Follow Up”

  1. What kind of dumbass thought to call it an iPad?! Srsly.
    They need dirtier minds working there, clearly.

  2. LOVE the picture. Honestly that was exactly what i pictured whn i heard the name.

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