I am a writing machine!

Well, at least this week I am. I really should slow down or I am going to run out of blog posts WAY before my resolution of three a week is up. I did have to write today though to thank my friend Kevin. I was humbled to see that I was the first “Snippet” on his Snippet Wednesday. (Which I do check out each and every Wed and so should you if you haven’t already). I owe a big thanks because it has opened my blog up to a whole new group of readers. I had almost more views in 2 days than I have had total since I started. That also could be because so many people are interested in the Celebrity Death watch. Sick people that you are. And I love ya for it!

Anyhoo, Kevin has his Snippet Wednesday which pretty much ensures at least one post per week. As I need to do three every week, I figure I need to come up with something like that. Something people look forward to. Something that I look forward to writing about. While I am not above stealing of ideas, I am not going to copy his snippet Wednesday … exactly. I still need to think of something that I can do, once a week, on the same day. That is about the extent of what I will copy.

I have to come up with something that I can still put a humorous bent on. I thought about “Tech Talk Tuesdays”, where I would pick a new gadget or something and talk about it like a normal person instead of a techie or a gamer. That idea is still a maybe. The thought also crossed my mind to do “Celebrity Look – a – like Saturday. Problem is I only look like 1 maybe 2 celebrities. (Some of you know which 2 so that cuts out half the readers already) It would be a short lived segment. Any suggestions for a theme day would be appreciated as I try to become a prolific blogger.

I AM, however going to blatantly steal one of Kevin’s portions just for this one time. “Totally unrelated aside”. Actually, everything previously written above on this post is the totally unrelated aside. I just wanted to write something else beside the next thing I am writing about.

I was reading some news sites and saw they were going to have the first legal male prostitutes in Nevada. Stay with me here. The story isn’t what got me laughing, it was the banner ad above it that I found amusing. I started laughing because the whole ad hadn’t finished loading, just the main image and the headline of the story. I thought it was the best ad that could be above it. The name of the ad is blocked out, not only to avoid potential lawsuits (I am the walking embodiment of Murphy’s Law) but also to show what I first saw before the other slices of the banner loaded. I know … this was a long way to come for a cheap visual joke and I apologize.

The only thing better would be an old Wendy’s Ad with Clara Peller and her immortal words.

Until next time …

Don’t hate me because I am ugly, love me because I make you look better when I stand next to you.


9 Responses to “I am a writing machine!”

  1. barnickel Says:

    Bob. I try to post something every time I read this just so you know I am reading…. 🙂

    I think you should do a Bobisms day. Not sure what day I suppose it could be any day… pick your favorite.. But you just need to have a day to spew out what is loaded into your brain 🙂

    • Spewing my loaded brain (that sounds kinda dirty) is pretty much every blog I write. I need focus, direction, something that puts me further into the realm of “what the hell is he talking about??”

  2. “spew out what is loaded into your brain”? I think that’s every day for me.

    How about a weekly audio blog where you read your blog post in the voice of a Muppet?

  3. Ok so, I don’t have a comment/suggestion on what to make your weekly topic – however, for all of your “millions” of followers now who may not know you, I thought I would add some color to some of the nonsense above AND take a moment to correct you. There are in fact 4 celebrities that you look like (you forgot the 2 dead guys)!
    Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob)
    Richard Karn (Al Borland from Home Improvement and/or Family Feud – the later years)
    Steve Erwin (well, maybe just for that one Halloween w/ the blow up alligator)
    and of course, who could forget Billy Mays (the Oxiclean & Kaboom guy)! 🙂

  4. David Mazzie Says:

    We have to also note (because I am THAT narssacistic) that Bob has been mistaken for me on at least one drunken occasion. There have been many instances where he has also been mistaken for being older than me. That last part is off topic, but I’ve included it just to poke fun at Bob.

    Bob, you asked me for my top three celebrity deaths of 2010. I am going to do with Bob Dole, Rue McClanahan, and an Olsen twin. (Does it really matter which one?)

  5. Only because I read your ‘Taco Bell’ post before this one, how about ‘Fast Food Fridays’?

    • I am thinking I may be on board with that actually. I never resolved to lose weight in the New Year so that may be a very viable option.

      • It doesn’t have to be about weight , per se, I mean how about creepy Burger King guy, or some of the strange ‘specials’ some of these places come up with? Even the commercials they churn out can be downright odd. It’s a thought, anyway.

        • Even reading about the Burger King guy creeps me out. But, if I am going to do anything with food, I need to use that as an excuse to eat it. lol

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