Celebrity Death Watch 2010

Welcome fellow macabre celebrity death enthusiasts. Well, enthusiasts is a little strong I guess but still. We are here for one reason. Because I wrote about upcoming celebrity deaths. I would hope you would be here reading this even if I wrote about the interest rates in Namibia, but I didn’t. Anyhoo, it is time to post my celebrity death predictions for 2010. I have done very little research on this other than to look at other sites who already did the work for me of finding ages and what not. Granted I did this ONLY for the age related death predictions. I have also thrown some others in there as well based on hunches. Since this is something I know a lot of people try to predict, I would like your top celebrity death predictions after you read mine. Just add a comment. At the end of the year wee will see who got the most correct.

Hard to narrow it down this year, but, to save space I pared it down. So without further delay… my top 10 for 2010

  1. Abe Vigoda – I have to put him on my list every year. He will be turning 90 this February I believe and he just keeps defying the odds. He is a perennial favorite.
  2. Angela Lansbury – This just may be the year where she dies instead of everyone she becomes friends with.
  3. Kirk Douglas – He’s just old.
  4. Eli Wallach – From the “He’s still alive?” files. That great character actor.
  5. Ray Bradbury – Also from the “He’s still alive?” files. At least for me. Not that I really want him dead, I just thought he already was.
  6. Zsa Zsa Gabor – Not to be cold but, would we notice or care? When she slapped the cop years ago I thought, “Wow, she is still around?”
  7. Steve Jobs – I know he just got a new liver and all but I don’t think it will last.
  8. Mary – Kate Olsen – Although I hate putting someone so young into the list, the eating disorder thing is going to catch up to her.
  9. Amy Winehouse – For obvious reasons.
  10. Rush Limbaugh – This isn’t because I dislike the man. I mean I do dislike him but, I think after his recent drug problems and trip to the ER, he isn’t going to be making an ass out of himself much longer.

Well, that’s my list. Let me know yours. We will see who got the most right at the end of the year. Kinda morbid ain’t it?


8 Responses to “Celebrity Death Watch 2010”

  1. Where’s your surprise pick? Shouldn’t all Death Watches have a longshot choice? Mary-Kate would be borderline considering her age, but the excessive thinness makes it a semi-safe choice.

    Be bold! Be daring! Say something unexpected like Jake Gyllenhaal! Do we have reason to expect that he’s going to die? No. And that’s the fun of it!

    • You are quite correct my friend. I was so concerned on keeping a manageable number, that I lost sight of what the list truly should be. That and the cold medicine made me just want to sleep while typing. There shall be an update soon!

  2. Robert Allen Says:

    Kirk Douglas, Either one of the Olsen twin’s, Amy Whinehouse, Barack Obama, Barry Gibb (Bee Gee), Dick Clark, Marie Osmond, Hugh Hefner, Elizabeth Taylor, Keith Richard’s

    • Glad to see that people are agreeing with an Olsen Twin and Amy Winehouse. Marie Osmond is definitely an out on the limb choice. I like it!

  3. Robert Allen Says:

    Maybe i have some sord of psychness bescause marie osmond’s son just died this morning maybe she’s next

  4. Robert Allen Says:

    What do we win if we get the most right i guess almost is not good enough. Maybe the olsen twin’s will go in a car crash together we forgot about Dennis Hopper. Marie’s going down.

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