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Where Do I Want To Live?

Posted in Nonsense, Tech Stuff with tags , on January 28, 2010 by Bob

Lately I have been thinking about upgrading my blog to be more of an actual web site. I would like to be able to eventually put a sort of voice portfolio up as I still would like to do voice over work for some cartoon someday. Plus I would like to have a little more flexibility on my blog to make it wicked cool. I am running into quite a quandary though when it comes to trying to pick a domain.

The ones I want most are of course all taken. The one I would really want, my name, actually says in the Google results “I figure that at least some other “Bob Richardson” won’t get it instead.” Jerk. It’s not even an interesting web site. I could get it in .net or .me or I could get or a number of other variations that make it just confusing enough. I could shorten it to a few variations but still I really can’t get a good .com name that I really want. That got me to thinking … is .com really as important as it used to be?

When thinking of a web address I still automatically think everything is a .com, and I work in the web industry. I know that there are a whole slew of other domains out there. Some public, some not.  The names I want are all available in .me but is that going to make people remember the domain? Honestly, I had never heard of a .me until I just recently started researching available domains. I guess since it is rather unique and I personally haven’t seen a lot of .me web sites yet, it might be new enough that it would work.

The main question would be is what domain I should pick. I am tempted to take “” just to piss off that other guy that isn’t doing anything with his site. Or maybe “”. The problem is that those are real long and who wants to have to remember to type all that in. I picked a random name when I started this of bobrich so that I would not have to type a long name myself. But even is taken. Who knew that the hardest part of me moving my blog to a real domain would be picking the damn name. Hopefully I will think of something clever in a dream or in the shower, forget to write it down and be right back where I started. Anyone have any thoughts on the whole .com .me .net thing? Does it matter anymore these days? Does it affect SEO or anything? (like how I threw out an industry thing?) Let me know as I am sure there are those of you out there with a little more tech knowledge than I.

Wow, a rather incredibly incoherent rambling today.

That’s it for now. Until next time, remember … “Spandex: it’s a privilege, not a right. “


Techtainment Tuesday … A Follow Up

Posted in Nonsense, Tech Stuff with tags , , , , on January 27, 2010 by Bob

It was announced today, introducing the Apple iPad. A few different pricing options seem to make it an affordable item if you don’t want a lot of memory. Still, what will be the point if you don’t have a large amount of memory to store games, apps, etc. It comes with built in WiFi which is essential for such a device.

A nice added feature is optional 3G so that you can have “anywhere internet”. Unfortunately, this is also the sad part. Despite all the problems and complaints about AT&T with the iPhone, Apple has decided to stick with them for the 3G data packages for the iPad. Instead of looking to fix the problem, they just decided to add even more bandwidth suckage to the AT&T network. Good luck now iPhone users. That is about it as I just wanted to get this out there.

Perhaps I will post more next Tuesday once everyone is sick of hearing about it. Then again maybe I will be too sick hearing about it and I won’t.

One final parting thought. When I heard the name of the new product, I posted on Facebook “The iPad … the immature side of me wants to know if it will have wings.”

My friend Abby confirmed for me that yes indeed, the iPad has wings.

Techtainment Tuesday – A Test Drive

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As I have been thinking of trying out some sort of “theme day” that I could write once a week, I thought I would try out a few things and see how they work. On this first try, I figured I would combine 2 things since I am not totally a tech geek (just a little bit), and I am not totally in tune with the entertainment scene. I figured this way, I might be able to find enough things to talk about with both for one day. We shall see how it works out.

For my inaugural tech segment, I would be totally remiss if I did not mention the big shindig that is happening in Cupertino tomorrow. For years I let these events go buy with only a cursory interest, mostly shaking my head at the hype surrounding them. Recently however, I joined the ranks of the Apple owners community with a laptop and iPod, so I take a little more interest in them. Whether or not Mr. Jobs (who is on the death watch list for 2010) brings out a tablet, iPhone 4.0 software, iPhone to Verizon or some other announcement, the pre-show hype is usually much bigger than what actually happens at the event IMHO. With all the leaks in the media and online about what is going to happen, the secrecy that Apple tried to maintain pre-event loses a certain amount of luster.

In the past few days, I have already read an overwhelming number of articles on what the problems with an Apple tablet would be. Most of them site the cost. This has always been a factor, for me anyway, in adopting Apple products as my own. When I can build a pretty darn good PC myself for about $500 – $600, why would I pay the money for the Mac equivalent? I did finally break down and buy a MacBook for a number of reasons, but is still hurt my conscience to pay that much. Despite the fact that the tablet will carry a hefty price tag, I am sure that a large number of people will buy the new device just because it is Apple. You have to give Steve Jobs his due, he is as good a promoter for Apple as Vince McMahon is for WWE. It is all about creating buzz and he gets more free advertising than just about anyone. How good would Apple sales be if the media all of a sudden just stopped talking about them?

Moving on to entertainment, other big news … the merger of Live Nation and Ticketmaster. There were the days, long ago, that I used to go to a few concerts. Granted, it was so long ago that it was at Poplar Creek and I mostly sat on the lawn, but even then I remember having to pay the dreaded “convenience fee”. No one knew what this was for, and no one still can really pin down what it was needed for. I have been told “Because you used the convenience of ordering over the phone”. So, I went to one of the few outlets. “The fee is for using a live person at the outlet”. Later as technology progressed, “it is for ordering on-line”. Whatever. It still was something I did not want to pay.

Now with the merger, the DOJ says that ticket prices will lower because it will be cheaper for the company as they now are in charge of the talent, venue, merchandise, tickets, bathroom attendants, record company and bathroom attendants. I don’t see how one company owning everything will bring prices down. Granted, I don’t have an M.B.A. but if you are the only game in town, despite whatever regulations the DOJ has imposed, don’t you think you would get as much as people are willing to pay? And of course, that is the problem, people are willing to pay. Hopefully once I start getting into some different music tastes I can enjoy some of the music fests that are not run by huge corporations and that I don’t have to take out a second mortgage to go to.

On a lighter note … and speaking of WWE, sort of … Psych is back on tomorrow night!

I was psyched, (oh yeah, pun totally intended) to see James Roday and Dule Hill be guest hosts of RAW last night. Unfortunately, James had an appendectomy this past weekend and could not attend. I wish he could have been there as Dule was pretty much in his Gus character and so was James when John Cena called him in the hospital. Tomorrow night’s new episode has John Cena in it and it looks as if it will be amusing as always. For a wrestler, Cena isn’t THAT bad of an actor as long as he is in the roles that suit him. I still need to order my Psych phone cover since I found out they do make one for the BB Storm.

That wraps it up. Not sure what I accomplished but as always I had fun rambling on. So, is anyone looking forward to the tablet? Anyone excited about the merger?

Until next time remember … You cannot sit there in a dark car all alone. You’ll be picked up for mopery … With intent to creep. Trust me, you don’t want that. It’ll put a big hole in your future.

Too Crazy NOT To Be True

Posted in Nonsense with tags , , , , on January 23, 2010 by Bob

Occasionally I go to some websites and wonder if the information is real. A prime example is Texts From Last Night. While often times humorous, I look at some of the conversations and think, “there is no way someone actually said that”. There are other times and other places where I have questioned the validity of statements that are just so out there that no sane person could have possibly said them. Until the other day that is.

I was checking the status updates of my friends on Facebook and came across I think the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I would just type what it was, but then it wouldn’t be as good. I will however paste a screen shot of it below with names and faces blurred to protect the innocent, and to protect me from them lol. Once I read this, I now will think again when I say that the things people post are made up.

Just a quick bit of humor for tonight. On our way to dinner and to see a great band, the Modern Day Romeos in Elgin tonight. If you haven’t seen them before, you should. I will write more about them lat

Until next time remember, I would have been here right after you called, but I had to shake the weasels.

I Want to Play Too!

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Going to be a tad bit un-original here, mainly because I am dog tired (literally because the dog has been kicking me out of bed 5 times a night the last few nights), and because a migraine kicked in early last night. Despite the lack of creativity and inspiration, I do have to write three entries a week and other obligations later in the week may hamper that effort.

My friend Kevin talked about trying to meet Lance Guest and get his autograph on his copy of The Last Starfighter. His writing in his blog of the adventure actually made it happen. Another blog I read, Sybil Law, took from his success and is trying on her own blog to get to meet, among other things she wants to do, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters. (I am linking to her request like Kevin is doing, although I think his blog has a LOT more pull than mine, but it couldn’t hurt)

Stealing from their tries for meeting folks, I am going to do the same. Who is it that I possibly want to meet you ask? Frank Oz. If you don’t know who Frank Oz is, I should make you look him up but I won’t. Frank Oz was the prison guard in Blues Brothers who gave Jake Blues his property back when he got out of prison. Actually that is just a small role. I really want to meet him because he is the voice of Fozzie Bear, Animal, Miss Piggy, Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, Yoda, the hands of the Swedish Chef … I think you get where I am going with this. HE IS A GOD!!! At least to me.

He also has directed a number of films, (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, What About Bob?, In & Out … to name a few)  and does other voices and cameos as well. His Muppet voices are the ones I enjoy doing the most, and the ones I can do the best. Most people who know my know that I would do just about anything to be a famous cartoon voice or Muppet Voice. One problem with me being a Muppet however is the “Muppeteering” part. I have never used a puppet in my life and not sure I would know how to operate it without extensive training. I can only hope that one day Mr. Oz. sees my YouTube video of The Rainbow Connection (yeah another shameless link to it) and calls me asking if I wanted a job. I have thought about ordering my own Muppet from F.A.O. Schwarz.  Once again however I am starting to move off topic.

Basically, I want to meet one of my idols, Frank Oz. I would be happy with any amount of time I could meet with him 1 – on – 1, but I think I would die a happy man if I had the opportunity to talk with him for 30 min or so, with both of us talking in Muppet voices, and be able to record the experience. Actually, if that happened I think I would need a towel afterward.

So, if anyone out there knows Mr. Oz, knows how to send my video to him personally, or otherwise can hook me up, I would be forever in your debt. That is my outlandish wish for the day.

Until next time remember “When single shines the triple sun, What was sundered and undone, Shall be whole, the two made one, By Gelfling hand or else by none. ”

A New Day Starts In The Afternoon With A Case Of Vertigo

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According to a number of Facebook posts that I saw last night, it seems that people have started to give up on Jack Bauer and the start of his new day. I saw a number of status updates from people who decided to watch the Golden Globes instead. I was not one of those people. I tuned in for my yearly dose of mystery, action and middle east terrorists once again. According to Jackie’s 30 plus comments on her status, there are still some people out there who are following Jack through another harrowing day.

I like “24”. I will admit that it is pretty much the same story line every year however, that lets me just enjoy the show and not have to think very much. I have enjoyed the show since the first season. I have enjoyed a number of the twists and turns, although some predictable, that the show throws at me. Yes, I enjoy mindless entertainment sometimes. This season I think started off ok. If you like “24” and haven’t watched last night’s episode(s) yet … POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

Jack is finally relaxing with his granddaughter. We found out Kim had a daughter and named her after Jack’s wife last season. What we didn’t know is that Kim snagged her baby daddy away from “The Vampire Diaries”. Will this be another unrealistic Kim plot about her having a half vampire baby? Will there be a “24” crossover with a reunion episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? Probably not, and if you ask me, I really don’t are what happens to Kim Bauer – whatever her last name is now. I have never thought that anything that her character does on the show is anything but distracting to the rest of the plot. Her insipid stupidity makes me embarrassed for her lack of acting ability. In other words, I don’t like her.

A few characters are back this season. Happy to see Chloe back. Some have said her constant scowl is annoying. Maybe. I do like her character though. She knows she is smarter than everyone else and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. At times I think she is the most ‘real’ character on the show personality wise.

Another character back this season (I think she comes into play tonight) is the FBI agent from last season. I could do without her. She is the token ‘dear in the headlights’ character on the show. I just don’t like her and find her annoying. Not as annoying though as the newest member to join the fray … Freddy Jo…sorry I mean Freddie Prinze Jr. Sorry to any women who think he is hot or whatever but … HE SUCKS!!!!! In 2 hours last night his facial expression didn’t change once. In 2 Scooby Doo Movies, 2 “I know how badly you acted last summer” movies, 3 episodes of “Boston Legal”, and now this … he always looks as if he is on day 45 of constipation.

Moving on, although I did not watch the Golden Globes last night, yesterday afternoon Jackie and I finally took in the winner of Best Picture, Avatar. LOVED IT! I definitely think that the only way to see it is in 3D. I can’t imagine watching it any other way. I only had one problem. I am deathly afraid of heights. I am not going to go with the spoiler alert as I think we were some of the last people to see it. There were times, quite a few actually, that I actually had to close my eyes, grab onto Jackie’s arm and hope I didn’t pass out. The spx were outstanding to the point that I had vertigo for a bout a third of the movie. I wasn’t as bad in the fast paced battle scenes as I was when someone would look over the edge from the floating mountains or some of the other slower high altitude experiences. I again say though … LOVED IT!

Although I generally detest re-makes (based on the originality factor mostly) I will say that I am looking forward to seeing the movie for the trailer they played. Clash of the Titans. I loved that movie when it first came out. The animation was fantastic. And who doesn’t love Burgess Meredith??? I just hope the spirit of the movie stays intact with what I am sure will be a CGI laden experience.

That is all for today. Until next time … Release the Kracken!

Paper or Plastic?

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Since Jackie was out of town last weekend, we were supposed to use today to take down our Christmas decorations. Instead, we decided to go grocery shopping, to Walmart, Costco, etc. Gotta love Costco for the large quantities and mostly the samples. You can get an entire meal from those samples. I will just say that we went to Walmart. I know there is controversy with that store. What I am really writing about is the grocery shopping experience.

I should clarify. The grocery shopping itself wasn’t that bad. I don’t mind grocery shopping at all. The problem I have is after checking out. The bagging of the groceries. It matters not what store I go to. It matters not if I ask for paper instead of plastic. (sometimes I do that just to mess with them) The fact remains that the art of bagging is lost.

For years I have had issues with what qualifies as bagging. 400 items in one bag and 2 in another. Stacking bags of canned goods on top of bread and other things that will squish. Putting cleaning supplies and food items in the same bag. It seems that they just let anyone bag groceries these days. I do know something about bagging groceries. I did it for a whopping month back in High School. I remember having 3 days of training on how to bag groceries. Seems like it was three days anyway. It may have only been one. But still, there was training and we were expected to load the bags so that they wouldn’t slide all over the trunk of someone’s car, collapse in on themselves, or otherwise become a nuisance. We had to make sure that they all fit in more or less one layer of bags in the cart. If there wasn’t enough room in the cart, we got another one. We offered to take the cart out to the car with the customer or to at least let them bring their car up and we would help load the car.

I am sure that there are one or two baggers at some grocery stores out there that still have baggers that have some skills. I guess I just have to chalk it up to poor customer service…again.

Until things change, if they ever do, I will just have to suffer and re-bag my groceries as they go into the trunk, or go to Aldi and bag my own.

Until next time remember … The answers to life’s problems aren’t at the bottom of a bottle, they’re on TV!


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Even though it is Tuesday, I have to give a quick little Celeb Death update. This past weekend we lost two talents that actually most people don’t actually know the names. Ironically enough, on Sunday, we lost Jan Gabriel. If the name doesn’t ring a bell the title of this blog hopefully will. He was the man that immortalized the battle cry for monster truck rallies, mud bog racing and drag racing. He was the first to use that reverb filled announcement that every other announcer picked up. (they all used it since he didn’t copy write the phrase like Michael Buffer did with … you know what … I don’t want to pay him for typing it)

The other loss was Art Clokey. If you don’t know who Art was, shame on you. He was the original Gumby Damnit!! Well actually the creator of Gumby. Yes, that lovable little green clay boy and is nasally voiced horse Pokey.  If it weren’t for him there would be no Mr. Bill. Ahhhh, the memories of SNL when it was good.

These two never made my list because once again they are 2 that fell into the “They are still alive?” category. I am going to try to keep a list of the celebs so that at the end of the year we can see who’s predictions were most accurate. I am thinking I may do a post that I just update every time a celeb dies. That way I don’t have to write a new once with each death. It will be easier to compile at the end of the year too.

In celebration of Jan (and to hopefully get more traffic to and from my blog), starting TODAY TODAY TODAY!!! and running through next SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!! I would like anyone with blogs of their own, if they don’t mind that is, to leave me a link to their blog so I can add it to my blogroll. Now, I run this as an offer that it is some big special for everyone. We all know that you all need MY help getting traffic to your blogs. (I am excited when I get 10 views more than one day in a row) It is mainly selfish. I am really trying to read other blogs but tracking them down is sometimes a very tedious task for me. I would like one place to go where I can click on a blog link and artificially inflate my own blog’s stats. Is that wrong? Probably but oh well. I don’t get paid for this so I am going to artificially inflate whatever I want … that sounded wrong.

Anyway, I digress once again. I really would like to add some more people to my roll so I can start to make this thing look respectable.

Until next SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Keep reading Bob’s Blog  many miles north of Hammond nowhere close to US 30!!! … where stars come to die!

Bulldog 1 – Bob 0: Resolution update

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Happy Monday everyone! With Jackie out of town this weekend, I thought I would start down the long road to success for one of my resolutions, reclaiming my side of the bed back from the dog. For those of you not familiar with my dog, she is a 3 year old, 113 lb American Bulldog. If you haven’t seen one before, this is what they look like. (yes, same dog as at the top of my blog)

I am sure most of you are familiar with English Bulldogs and have heard the stories of stubbornness among Bulldogs. Well, 113 pounds of muscle and stubborn are sometimes a little difficult to deal with. I figured I would use this weekend to lay down the law and say “hey, this is MY side of the bed!” thinking with Jackie gone she would move and get the hint. I was wrong.

I used to think that Piper kicked me out of bed because she wanted more room, since a queen size bed is apparently not large enough for 2 adults and our dog. I was wrong about that too. It seems she just likes having the bed to herself being the princess that she is. 4 in the morning Sunday, I actually fell out of bed after being pushed to the side. I got up, and scolded Piper. Did she move? No. She looked at me with sad eyes, wagging her tail with a look of “what? What did I do?” I finally got her to move over and then she laid her chin on my shins and went back to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love our dog. Jackie tells me I have been spoiled with this being my first dog. She is a little spoiled though. If she even thinks she is going to slip on the floor, she won’t come in from outside until we move her food dish to the side so she can get right to the floor matt.

For those of you with smaller dogs, or no dogs at all, I am not sure if you can truly understand a dog physically kicking you out of bed. You want to yell at them but then they look at you. Oh well. I have a few more days to try again before Jackie comes home.

As far as updates on my other resolutions. So far so good. Once I have something exciting on those fronts I shall post.

Not that exciting of a post today but I am rather sleepy. Maybe something will rile me today and I will havesomething more interesting to post tonight. One can only hope.

Until next time … hmmm…nothing clever comes to mind today.

So much for the seashells

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On the way into work today I had ample time to think. I thought “why didn’t I work from home?”, “why is it taking 2 hours for a 30 minute commute?”, “why is Taco Bell creating their own Jared?”. That is right my fast food loving friends. Now you can lose weight at Taco Bell!

Is there anything that this fast food giant can’t do? With all of the innovations they have made to fine Mexican dining over the years, I thought that they could accomplish no more. Once again however, they have pulled through and astounded me.

When they first introduced their “Fresco Menu” I tried a few items. I was not impressed since what they do is take off all the good stuff like the cheese and sour cream. Had I known that this effort also took off a whopping 20-100 calories, I would have stuck with it! I mean, losing 2 pounds a month for a mere two years?? And all I would have to do is replace my regular Fast Food meals with Taco Bell Drive – Thru Diet menu items? Seems like a winner to me! Who wouldn’t love to have Taco Bell every day for lunch and dinner? Not I! Surely everyone I hang out with would love me for having Taco Bell for every meal as well, especially with gobs and gobs of Fire Sauce added to my choices. MMMMM good stuff! Subway’s diet … PLEASE! Jared had to WALK to the Subway everyday to get his dietary needs satisfied. With this, you don’t even have to get out of your car! Tasty AND convenient!

It seems that the predictions from the movie “Demolition Man” are coming to fruition. Could Taco Bell really be winning the fast food franchise wars? Will a gourmet location be far behind? Will wedding receptions in the not so distant future be catered by Taco Bell? Already we see them taking over and moving in with other Fast Food places. Taco Bell & KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silvers (be prepared for REAL interesting smells when you go into that last one). Taco Bell may very well win the bidding to take over the Tavern On The Green restaurant which recently closed. I know for our next anniversary, Taco bell will be high on the list of choices for dinner.

But once again, as many times before, I digress. Taco Bell is moving into the realm of Jenny Craig, Seattle Sutton, Nutrisystem and Subway. I truly am worried about the “Drive-Thru Diet”. If this is the new trend for dieting Americans then we will need a new Chihuahua with a new catch phrase “I tink I need a bigger belt”

So when asked “What do you wanna do tonight?”, reply with “I dunno. Get Taco Bell, watch “Degrassi Jr. High, lose some weight”.

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