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I’m just getting warmed up!

Posted in Nonsense on December 28, 2009 by Bob

It is almost here! 2010! Almost time for me to start those resolutions I wrote about last week. I figured this was the last week I could slack off and not write in my blog. I figured I would keep anything I wanted to post until the carnage of the my resolution started. Then I realized something. The first week of the new year only has 2 days. If I am going to keep with my resolution, technically, I have to write 3 blogs in 2 days. This will be rough but I think I can do it. That is why I am posting again today … practice.

I did decide that a few of my other resolutions needed some time for me to get a few things out of my system if they were going to succeed. I did a few things over the weekend to really get into the spirit of the holidays.

On Thursday, Christmas Eve, I decided I would wish my insurance agent a Merry Christmas. How? Wednesday, I received the most current quote for my homeowners policy. Up another $200 a year. I figured Christmas Eve would be the best time to call him and tell him what I thought. I wasn’t as bad as I could have been, but I wasn’t as nice as I will be after the new year starts. I had to get this call out of the way before my resolution started. Who else can you vehemently hate more than an insurance agent? Long story short, I was vocal, persistent, and got a reduction on my premium that is lower than what is was last year. He appeased me for now but I will still be shopping around for a new company in the new year. Allstate has finally ticked me off for the last time. I have to throw the “lazy” excuse out and get to comparing.

I had people over to our house for Christmas. Granted, it was family but still. We ENTERTAINED! It all went well and the dog actually behaved! Yes, she kicked me out of bed again twice this weekend but that will soon end. I figure I will let her have her fun before I deal with that.

I said “bling” and “jiggy” twice this weekend each. I had to get them out of my system.

80’s music blared on my way into work this morning so I can prepare for that one. I did comment on my friend Kevin’s blog that I would be shamelessly using his music selections as part of my education. He wished me safe travels. I am not sure if I should be frightened or not.

Well, that is the update for today. Not much, not very interesting and rather short but, it is practice.

Remember to stay safe and be careful in the coming weeks because the cold weather is getting colder, the snow is getting more yellow and Leon’s getting Larrrrrrrger.

Until next time.

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