8 more days ’til Halloween … Halloween … Halloween … Eight more days ’til Halloween …

Anyone know how to finish that line? If not, I will fill you in later in the blog.

YES! Halloween is almost here! I must say that Halloween if one of my favorite holidays. Right behind Arbor Day and National Condom Day. But I digress.

If I had the money and time, my Halloween display would rival that of anyone in the neighborhood and even rival Tim Taylor’s Christmas display.

Aside from the decorations, the week or two before Halloween, all the horror movies start playing on TV. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of movies out there that just don’t work. I can come up with a LONG list of bad horror films, but I am not going to upset anyone by saying their favorite movie should be buried. After all, we all don’t know art, but we know what we like.

In my opinion, and it is FAR from the correct one, horror films should not just be full of graphic gore, blood and guts. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good slasher flick as much as the next person, but good HORROR is hard to find. The difference is that a slasher flick can be scary, and give nightmares to some people. But for the most part, they don’t usually stick with most people for a long time. A good horror flick will make you paranoid about things for years. It will mentally scar you in some way. It will cause you to not be able to watch that particular film alone well into adult hood. THAT, is good horror. (note from author: wedding videos of an ex-spouse do not count. Although, the Tonya Harding sex video … that might count.)

With that being said, I am not advocating that EVERY movie played at Halloween has to be that good. Some are just movies to play because they are scary, mildly scary, funny, or so BAD that they are funny. Which all leads to my “Top 10  movies that I like to watch at Halloween”. I am not going to put reasons why I like them because I don’t want to get into arguments about why they are on my list and others are not. Some I am sure will be obvious which of the above categories they fall into. I will say that # 2 and #1 I saw when I was a kid, and I still to this day can not watch them alone. I would like to know what movies you all like to watch during this time of year. I am always looking to add to my watch list.

Top 10 Movies I like to watch at Halloween

1. Exorcist

1. Amityville Horror

3. Evil Dead Series (I count these as 1. I like to watch these in the middle of the week and have an Ash Wednesday. NOT my Idea, I am blatantly stealing that from a fellow RA at Northern. Thanks Dom!)

4. Rosemary’s baby

5. The Shining

6. Psycho (Original)

7. Rocky Horror Picture Show

8. Hellraiser

9. Creepshow

10. Carnival of Souls

Oh yeah, almost forgot. If you didn’t know how to finish the lyric in the title of my blog … it is from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. Which had nothing to do with any of the other Halloween movies, or a witch.

8 more days ’til Halloween … Halloween … Halloween … Eight more days ’til Halloween … Silver Shamrock!

6 Responses to “8 more days ’til Halloween … Halloween … Halloween … Eight more days ’til Halloween …”

  1. I never watch horror/movies. NEVER. ok maybe not never because Dan does have control of the remote. I watched one once – not sure the name but it freaked me out. Yes. I am a chicken. The sky is falling.

    See you Saturday. Can’t wait to see your costume. 🙂

    • No matter how chicken you are, you should watch a horror movie now and then. It’s not like someone is going to jump out and scare you as you are walking home late at night in the dark from the fire pit … ooops…sorry.

  2. I am not one to watch horror at all but the 2 that got me worst were Candyman (couldn’t look in a mirror for a long time after that experience) and Salom’s Lot. I am creeped out by The Changling but i still like it. Though i have to pull my feet up onto the couch and huddle under a blanket.

    • Candyman didn’t scare me too bad. Can’t remember the Changeling, will have to watch that again. If you are talking the Original Salem’s Lot (1979) then I was most creeped out by David Soul because, well, he is David Soul.

  3. Of those 10…

    1. Seen, love, worship and completely agree with you on the placement. Especially if it’s “The Version You’ve Never Seen” complete with SpiderWalk sequence.
    2. Never seen. But supposed to be a 2, right? Or is it a tie with #1?
    3. Ahhh… Ash Wednesdays… how I miss them.
    4. Never seen.
    5. Finally saw a couple years ago and enjoyed.
    6. Love.
    7. Love.
    8. Saw a long time ago but don’t remember.
    9. Love.
    10. Never even heard of.

    • Yes, originally it was supposed to be #1 & #2 but a good case in my mind could be made for a tie. Spider walk…I just got chills typing it!

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