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My take on the VMA

Posted in Nonsense, TV/Movies on September 14, 2009 by Bob

For the first time ever I watched the VMA last night. I like music but I am not up on current music enough to care who wins what. I know enough to know names and some of the people because Jackie listens to them. She also constantly tells me I know NO music from this century. With few exceptions, she is mostly correct on that.

But, there was nothing else on last night that I wanted to see so, after a rather disappointing King of the Hill finally, I sat in front of the laptop and watched the Awards with my wife.

My first reaction was, who the hell is Russell Brand and why is he funny? I did not find him amusing in the slightest really. All I know about him is he was in “Forgetting Sarah Marshal” and he had obnoxious commercials for the VMA with Brittney. Other than that, shut the hell up! Why does he find it funny to tell us he has an erection on stage and that he wants to get in Lady Gaga’s pants … or whatever it was she was wearing.

Speaking of shut the hell up … by now everyone has dissed Kanye as much as they possibly can. Well I am going to do it some more. I wish I could really get on him so bad that he wrote on my blog so I could ignore him. I picture him like Luke Perry in the episode of Family Guy where Luke sat and read every high school paper to see if he was talked about. After all, that is what Kanye wants … is to be talked about. I know I should just let it go and not give him any more exposure but, that was the most classless act I have ever seen. I have never like him to begin with (after all, his music is more current than what I listen to) and I have always thought he was a self righteous, pompous ass. When he calls himself the new King it makes me throw up a little. Make that A LOT! I feel the same way when I think of Cedric calling himself the Entertainer when he isn’t entertaining.

But I digress, after that happened I downloaded Taylor Swifts albums from iTunes for my wife and I may actually consider buying a Beyonce album just because she was the epitome of class at the end of the show. And his apology? Please. The good thing is I haven’t seen any artists that have been asked about it be on his side. I like that Pink inferred he would have gotten a face full of brass knuckles if it had been her he interrupted. The bad thing, is that he is getting what he needs to survive, attention. It would be nice if he faded off the face of the planet, but he won’t. He will start whining in the next few days that he was “misunderstood” or some other BS.

Enough of him. I also failed to see the humor in the segments with Eminem and Tracy Morgan. Was there a point? If so…it was lost on me. Maybe I am just getting old. Same thing with the bump music being sung. Sorry but my ears bled some times on some of those.

I think it is the fact that I am just out of touch with music today, at least the same 10 songs they play on most radio stations over and over. I was totally lost on Lady Gaga’s performance as well. Hmmm … Maybe it would be just easier for this entire blog to just be … I didn’t get it.

Enough senseless babbling for today. I think I should just stick to the Razzies. At least I understand those.

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