March Celebrity Deaths, They Didn’t Fool Anyone

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Now that it is April 2nd, I can tell you that I was oh so clever and said no one famous died in March as an April Fools joke. HAHAHA!

Right. Now let’s get on to what we are really here for … dead folks who were famous when they weren’t dead. I am getting more and more straightforward on these. Just seems like something I need to do lately. Here we go with those who went.


David Brenner – 78 – Comedian – March 15

Fred Phelps – 84 – Hat monger – March 19

Ken Forsse – 77 – Inventor of Teddy Ruxpin – March 19

James Rebhorn – 65 – Actor Independence Day, Homeland – March 21

Kate O’Mara – 74 – Actress Doctor Who, Dynasty – March 30

H. Richard Black – 92 – Artist , created Smokey Bear and Mr. Clean – March 30

Frankie Knuckles – 59 – Godfather of house music – March 31

Charles Keating – 90 – Bad guy in savings & loan crisis – March 31


Ok, so there weren’t a lot of deaths but there were at least some. Until next time.

Celebrity Deaths – March

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Simple title because of a simple update … No celebrities or anyone close to being famous died in March.

Thank you and good day.


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I would like to congratulate all my friends in the band Modern Day Romeos on their awesome win in the 2014 WGN Radio Cubs Song contest. The obliterated the competition and won in a landslide. My deepest thanks to any of you that voted for them and my deepest condolences to any of you that voted for the other guys. Although, they were all very worthy entries. Yeah, I am biased. Again, if you would like to hear the winning song, go ahead and click below. And be sure to catch them perform it LIVE on opening day at Wrigley Field. CONGRATS AGAIN GUYS!

Modern Day Romeos – Hey Hey!

Listen to the announcement (and Jimmy) here. It is about 35 minutes in.

Hey Hey! Holy Mackerel! VOTE!

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For those of you that don’t know, I live in northern Illinois. That means that I am a fan of the Chicago Cubs. I am also a fan of a local band named Modern Day Romeos. One of my best friends is the lead singer for the band. He is also my daughter’s Godfather. The last few years, the Chicago Cubs, in conjunction with WGN Radio, (they are the station that broadcasts the Cubs games) have had a contest for bands to submit entries to be the theme song for the team that year. It gets played on the radio, they get to perform it at opening day, it is a pretty big deal. MDR has submitted a song. It is a good song. Out of hundreds of songs submitted, they made the top three. Now, people need to vote for their song.


You can vote every day (voting is open until March 14th). You can vote from multiple devices the same day. Just vote! Please. It would be pretty cool to get some national and international votes as well. I know there are people reading this from exotic places … like New Jersey. Remember, they are Modern Day Romeos and their song is “Hey Hey!”

Here is the link to vote:

WGN Cubs Song Contest Voting

If you actually want to hear the song, that link is right here:

Hey Hey – Modern Day Romeos

Thank you from me, the Romeos and all of their friends that want to ride their coat tails to fame and fortune. If you vote, and they win, I will see if I can get you some sort of special thing. Maybe an autograph that you can sell on eBay one day. Leave a comment when you vote so I know who to get stuff to!

P.S. I wouldn’t be opposed to anyone re-blogging or talking about this in their own blogs. I know, cheap begging but I am not above that to help out my friends.

Celebrity Deaths … This Ain’t The Oscars

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I thought the Oscars would be a good time to catch up on my list for a couple of reasons. 1) I am talking about dead celebrities and there are a lot of them in the audience. 2) I don’t really get into the Oscars, at least not enough to have to pay attention. Also, I call out more dead celebs in a month than the awards shows usually do in 10 years. Regardless, I know I have neglected for a couple of months so I feel this is a good time to do it. I do need to call out that I got 1 prediction correct so far. Shirley Temple. I don’t think I have ever gotten one right this early in the year. Yeah, I’m proud of that. Don’t judge. So, here we go with dead celebs for January and February.


Bernard Glasser – 89 – Producer Day of the Triffids – Jan 2

Jay Traynor – 70 – Singer Jay and the Americans – Jan 2

Phil Everly – 74 – The Everly Brothers – Jan 3

Ariel Sharon – Ex-Israeli Prime minister – Jan 11

Mae Young – 90 – Wrestler – Jan 14

Ruth Duccini – 95 – Last surviving female munchkin from Wizard of Oz – Jan 16

Russell Johnson – 89 – The Professor on Gilligan’s Island – Jan 16

Dave Madden – 82 – Rueben Kincaid Partridge Family – Jan 16

Hal Sutherland – 84 – Animator/Co-Founder of Filmation – Jan 16

Arthur Rankin Jr. – 89 – Co-Founder of Rankin/Bass – Jan 30


I know I was going to put Feb also but … I am tired and too distracted by this silly show.

I Don’t Look Good Enough To Die

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I was watching the news the other morning and there was another sad story of someone who was shot and killed. Later there was a sad story of someone who went missing. There are stories of this nature far too often. They all have one thing in common. If you are killed go missing or die in some spectacular newsworthy fashion, the individual ALWAYS has a picture straight out of Glamor Shots. I am not trying to be insensitive but, how is it that anyone that dies in a way that makes it to the TV news, has all kinds of fancy picture?

Yes, lot of people have a lot of pictures of themselves. I don’t. Sure, I am in family shots, and party pictures and all that but, if I ever die in a news worthy fashion, there is not going to be a picture of just me. At least not one that is fancy enough to be on the news. They are going to have to use my work ID picture and that will only make me look like it was a good thing I met my end before I became disgruntled or something.

Is It Real Or Is It Butt Juice

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Probably the most disgusting title I have thought of to date. It is a valid question though these days. I have a lot of friends who care a lot about GMOs, BPAs, RBIs, TKOs or whatever other scary things are out there. To an extent, I see their point. To a larger extent, I don’t care. I saw something on the other day about genetically modified things and how we have always been tinkering with genetics. It just comes out now because it is big corporations doing it instead of the Amish couple a few blocks over. While Mordecai is busy selectively breeding his pigs, the big corps are doing the same thing only in a test tube. That is probably where people get upset. Personally, I don’t see the outrage.

There is always something flying around on the interwebs about people upset that artificial flavoring is being made with some sort of animal secretion or another. So? It is still natural. What do people think that cavemen used to make their vanilla lattes in the dead of winter when vanilla beans were dormant? They didn’t have the wonderful chemicals that we have today. They had to use beetles and cockroaches and anal glands and bug poop and all these things from all those animals to make their paints, their spices, their recreational drugs. If you think that Peter Griffin was the first one to lick a toad to get stoned you are smoking crack. We usually find out about these things from people who have been doing them for a very long time. We just use technology to make it easier.

When you think about it, even anything man made is technically natural, depending on how “technical” you want to get about it. Everything is made from something. Something, is made from other things … and other things are made from stuff, which we all know is made from a basic atom. So, even if something is petroleum based, it is all natural right?

When it comes down to it, I think it is rather silly to stress over whether your Starbucks coffee has beetle blood in it or if your corn is resistant to the Borg. I agree that maybe we shouldn’t give babies a lot of chemicals in things but, we make more and more things “safer” and “healthier” but there are more and more children with allergies, and more and more people with gluten this and sensitive that.

Is it really worth the time and effort (and often times cost) to eat like a caveman or some other ridiculousness? Feel free to bring the “quality v. quantity” argument into it. I argue that if you are constantly worrying about what can kill you, you can’t enjoy living.

Once again I have successfully veered off of my title topic while still mentioning it briefly in the body of my missive. I hope you find my ideas  intriguing and wish to subscribe to my newsletter.



Legal Disclaimer: The opinions stated here are wholly uneducated and fully not researched by the author or anyone he relies on for information.



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